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Participating in Focus Groups Subjected to Hypnotism

Hypnosis focus groups are simply a group that focused and willing to submit to hypnotism to ensure the most honest responses are provided or are willing to evaluate a hypnosis product and give their opinion. For that to make any sense, you need understand the meaning of this type of group dynamic. The participants that are gathered are simply several potential consumers that belong to a target market. They are asked to evaluate a product, advertisement, and label or even try a specific product and tell whether they liked or disliked specific aspects of the evaluated item. This is commonly used by markets and manufacturers when considering releasing a new product, new ad campaign or if wanting to change their product labeling significantly. Before spending money on making changes, these marketers need to know how receptive the target market will be to the change.

Hypnosis therapy is not the same thing as participating in a hypnosis focus group. You may, however, be asked to be part of a group that evaluates a hypnotic type of product. If you do get the opportunity to evaluate a product that teaches methods for positive changes, hypnosis may well be part of the program. Positive change hypnosis is when a person enters a hypnotic state, either guided by a moderator or self-guided, and while in the trance state positive suggestions are made to their minds which will be followed after they are returned to a non-hypnotic state.

Hypnosis focus groups are sometimes asked to try a product and then be hypnotized, giving their evaluation responses while in the trace state. This ensure that the responses will not be biased by what the person believe the market researchers want to hear or by what they think is the "cool answer". More objectivity is assured for the final analysis of data points.

Whether you get the opportunity to participate in hypnosis focus groups to evaluate a product or to be hypnotized when responding about a non-hypnosis product, you can expect to be paid for the time you participated. How much time is involved usually determines the payment received. These groups can be a lot of fun and enlightening and hopefully create a positive change for the company seeking the analysis, but that leads to another discussion.