Hypnosis for Childbirth Combined with Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

If you've already had a child, you know how painful childbirth is, and how intimidating and scary it can be. You also know that it's a pain that is forgotten after the baby is born. Childbirth hypnosis is a great tool for helping create birth experiences with much more self awareness and comfort, and hypnosis for childbirth is becoming quite popular as an alternative to painkillers used during delivery to quell the fear and discomfort (to put it mildly) of bearing a child.

Using hypnotherapy for childbirth is also wonderful. While the hypnotherapist acts as a guide, the patient enters into a hypnotic state can feel self assured while delivering the baby. If you're one of those who insist that you can not be hypnotized, remember that over 90% of the population can enter a trance state, so try to keep an open mind if you are considering hypnotic tools to assist you in giving birth as an alternative to medicines. You will be neither "asleep" nor unconscious-which is the same state you want to be in for childbirth. As you can see, it is a wonderful alternative.

Hypnotherapy for relaxation integrates well into your breathing work. It is also a common alternative to taking pills for stress, which can cause sleep disturbance and give you a case of the jitters. People who lead very stressful lives look forward to hypnotherapy sessions as well as self hypnosis CD's as aides to not only help them sleep but to also help with relaxation during a busy work day. Many medical procedures can benefit from using hypnotic relaxation techniques like when a patient has an allergy to anesthetics-another reason why it is so useful for childbirth.

When considering hypnosis for childbirth begin with physical relaxation and months before the actual birth. This way you will practice the relaxation techniques and meditation used in hypnosis long before you enter the birthing center. While you need to be realistic (if you could achieve childbirth with absolutely no pain, childbirth hypnosis would be all over the news and common practice), hypnosis really does work to alleviate fear and pain during childbirth, and chances are that it will soon become more of the norm-the ability to give up the medication that we have come to rely so heavily on.

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