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Horoscopes - Astrology Chart for Bill Cosby

Mr. Cosby's talent as one of the most popular comedians of the last few decades, is well demonstrated by his Sun/Jupiter opposition as shown in his astrology chart. These are both jovial energies, the word 'jovial' coming from "Jove," another word for Jupiter. He is probably the sort of person who is quite capable of entertaining himself, and laughing all alone. With his Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn, we're shown how the necessary comedic timing comes about, as Capricorn is the timekeeper of the zodiac.

Mercury is included in this opposition, and as the ruler of this chart, we can understand this individual's love of learning and respect for education. Jupiter in Capricorn can sometimes deny education early in life, and this is what happened for Bill. He was progressively able to achieve greater heights academically as he matured.

This Cancer/Capricorn energy has made him one of the most famous parents in the entertainment industry, a typical expression of this nurturing combo. He even continued a tradition (a keyword for Capricorn) by hosting the television show, "Kids say the darndest things," following in the footsteps of Art Linkletter.

Bill's identification as 'dad' hasn't always been easy. Within hours of his son, Ennis, being shot and killed in his university parking lot, a young extortionist threatened blackmail to the tune of 40 million dollars, stating that Bill was her biological father. Note again, the educational flavor of Bill's experience, with his son being killed in the University parking lot, while working towards his doctorate in Special Education.

Bill Cosby's astrology chart shows he is approaching another intense time period, though hopefully less traumatic in the near future. The current Jupiter opposition Pluto/Chiron aspect is approaching his nodal polarity, with Jupiter being conjunct his South Node. I see this as offering the opportunity for healing deep traumas, which could include his son's death. The Pluto/Chiron conjunction we've been going through is intense in its function of opening wounds in order to heal them, often opening wounds that we haven't even been aware were there. The nodal connection makes this a spiritual experience for Bill.

Another spiritual transit is the current aspect from Neptune to Bill's Venus/Ascendant. This is a trine, indicating an unlimited flow of energy from one to the other. Altogether, we can expect Mr. Cosby to be undergoing a significant transformation in the near future.

Summary of Bill Cosby's Astrology Chart: This warm and wonderful man has been a symbol for the humor of being a parent for a couple of decades now. He is a natural parent himself, nurturing his world in many ways. Expect to see Bill undergoing a spiritual transformation in the near future.