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Soy Protein Dietary Fiber

Soy protein dietary fiber comes from soybeans. According to doctors and nutritionists, soybeans are the only vegetable that has more protein than the amount of carbohydrates. Doctors and nutritionists also consider the protein found in soybeans a “complete” protein. This is because the major nutrients and 9 essential amino acids are all present in soy and in the right balance. In fact, a chief component of protein is these amino acids. As a whole our body generally sustains about 20 amino acids. But 9 of these amino acids should come from our food to maintain a healthy body, as the body is unable to create them. This is a real benefit, as soy protein supplies all of these 9 amino acids.

Keeping in accordance with a noted doctor, "Since soy beans are high in soy protein, and dietary fiber, soy foods are a great alternative for red meats and other meats high in saturated fat and cholesterol. There are even more benefits in consuming soy protein versus whey protein. Phytochemicals in soybeans protect the heart against oxidation, inhibit blood clot formation, act as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Soybeans are higher in essential fatty acids, compared with other legumes, and are a good source of calcium, magnesium, and lecithin." Some high protein powder varieties and whey protein drinks are also available and have combinations of ingredients making them comparable in nutritive value to soy protein.

Soybeans are also regarded as isoflavones rich phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are an essential ingredient of the body for maintaining a healthy balance. It is true that isoflavones are also present in chickpeas and lentils but soybeans prove to be the superior bean as the balance is far greater. Thus, we see that the soy protein dietary fiber has an important place in our everyday diet and is a fast solution for attaining the benefits of digesting protein.