It Takes Two to Waltz! - Tips for a Happy Marriage

By Rajgopal Nidamboor

It is not uncommon for many couples not to know how to be married, or how to make a relationship work.

Worse still, they may also not know as to what's expected of them — to make their marriage glow and grow with happiness. The following offers a meditation on what you can do to make a relationship work well.

It is rightly said that marriages get better when partners realize what their responsibilities are and give their best to make things work for them.

Some experts lay great emphasis on what is referred to as the five goals of a successful marriage. They are, in précis:

  • Be good friends and lovers.
  • Work as a team.
  • Be life builders, not breakers.
  • Be the prince and princess of the relationship.
  • Try diligently to be champions of expansion, harmony, and healing.

The goals are self-explanatory.

Behave like chums

The first and primary task of marriage, on either side, is trust and friendship. It forms the very foundation of any good marriage. This is not easy-come, and easy-go, available readily at your local shopping mall, or health store.

It is also a common error and misjudgment that most folks think that friendship is something that works naturally, or not at all. Or, that it is just a question of liking someone, or not liking someone. Remember — that it is only by acting in loving ways can you bring about loving feelings. Needless to say, many couples don't appreciate the idea, and tend to give it up quite easily — without realizing that their romantic urges are slowly making love a happening thing.

Another major mistake that couples often make is that they have a notion that love is like an arrow — either it hits you, or it does not hit you. Also, some even think that love is not in the perimeter of human control. Most important — you need to give time for a relationship to blossom. Good and long-lasting relationships are like trees — they are trees of slow growth.