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Learning Yoga Positions for Beginners Can Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals

Yoga has moved past the point of being just a cultural phenomenon and has positioned itself as a legitimate alternative health practice. Why is Yoga so popular? First of all it is popular because you don't have to know the history of yoga to began learning how to incorporate it into your life. It is relatively easy and requires little in terms of physical effort and there are many wonderful resources that teach yoga positions for beginners. It is something even the laziest of us can perform. Second and more importantly are the benefits that yoga provides for long-term health. There is simply not another exercise able to match it in terms of providing long term health benefits such as flexibility and increased muscle and tone. Pilates is often compared, and is a wonderful form of exercise. However, yoga also has a spiritual root that incorporates breathing, and connecting with our centers.

It is relatively easy to join a health club with a qualified yoga instructor. This is usually the introductory route most take to this exercise. However, if that is not an option there are also many instructional videos and books that can provide the same guidance at almost the same level of effect. Though it must be said that an in person instructor is superior for many reasons and that should be your first choice in beginning a yoga practice. After you learn the basics, you can graduate and perhaps a yoga and pilates video will give you a combined practice that will fulfill you on many different levels.

With your yoga practice, you will encounter many different forms and fashions of this exercise. All of these forms are designed around a particular objective and thus you will probably encounter them at some point or another. The key to keep in mind, is your own individual objective. Look for a yoga instructor who has that foremost in mind. This will ensure that you learn a yoga routine that is appropriate to your objective and perfect for your skill level. You will gradually move beyond the yoga positions for beginners, and perhaps find the history of yoga will lead you on a wonderful spiritual jouney, too. Throw in a little pilates now and then and you will not only be fit, your body will appreciate the love and attention.