Healthy Habits Series: Benefits of Taking Vitamins

Simply taking vitamins on a daily basis greatly improves your long time health. Most people need vitamins because they simply do not eat enough of the right foods to give the body the minerals and vitamins it needs to function effectively. Taking vitamins ensures that even when you don't eat enough fruits and vegetable you are still getting needed nutrients.

Age is also an important factor in the need for vitamin supplements. Around the age of 45 our bodies stop producing hormones, amino acids and other substances that can be replaced with a dietary supplement. Our bodies were not designed for the life spans people are living today and taking vitamins and supplements ensures that you are providing your body the materials it needs.

While we do not know the benefits of all vitamins and supplements there is certainly positive evidence regarding some and this makes us confident that other vitamins also ensure better health and well being. For example, it has been proven that calcium supplements prevent Osteoporosis. Vitamin A is also proven to slow the onset of retinitis pigmentosa. There are similar findings for other supplements and vitamins.

Taking a once a day vitamin that contains the daily allowance of most of the bodies needs is an absolute minimum for optimum health. This is especially important for older people. However, taking other supplements and vitamins above and beyond the once a day may also be beneficial depending on your personal circumstance and needs. The key is to do your own research and explore the different vitamins and dietary supplements and determine what is right for you. Everyone does not have the same needs. Because of genetic factors and risk factors associated with race and age certain people need certain vitamins that others do not need. Consult with your physician and know your body. This will ensure you make the right decisions.


1.Buy a once a day vitamin supplement and begin taking it. Also do some research on the other various supplements and vitamins and see what else may be beneficial for you based upon your personal factors. Cultivate the habit of taking your vitamins daily from this point forward.