Take a Personal or Family Vacation - Weekend Getaways and Travel Destinations for the Body, Mind, or Soul

Family and personal vacations are not superfluous. They are a necessity. Our body and mind needs rest and relaxation away from the rigors of day-to-day life at regular intervals. It is during these periods that the body relaxes and cleans the system and rejuvenates itself.

America is a unique country in their approach to work. We work harder days and longer hours than almost anybody in the world. We also take fewer personal or family vacations. As a result we are the nation with the highest rates for heart attack, which is a primary result of increased stress. We also take less vacations and this is just as debilitating as long hours in our overall health.

Everyone should take the time to plan at least one vacation a year. Preferable with the family, but sometimes excursions alone are essential for mental and physical health. Listen to your body and your own needs and determine whether you want companions accompanying you or not. Once you have decided to take a vacation then you need to do everything in your power to make sure that it is a time period as free as possible from stress and normal life situations. The body responds to these situations through fight or flight, which causes undue stress on the health system. Therefore, remove these stresses from your life and your mind during your period of vacation so that you can experience the releases that come when the patterns of day to day living are no longer needing your focus and attention.

The ideal span of time is a week without travel to enjoy adequate rest. However it must not be overlooked that even weekend retreats can be a great contributor to better health and less stress. Ideally, you will include both types of vacations in the course of a year thereby giving yourself the opportunities you need to rest and relax away the rigors of day-to-day life.

You might just want to check out a family vacation package to are area everyone can enjoy giving your time to relax, or a romantic couple's retreat. For a special personal experience, a yoga retreat or sacred travel to a spiritual destination might be ideal for the body, mind and soul.