Finding Life Purpose - Two Personality Types for Finding Your Purpose

One sure way to an early grave is to feel that your life really has no clear purpose. In confirmation of this fact you will find that your health rapidly deteriorates or accidents will seem to make their way to your door in an effort to shorten the time you spend on this grand planet called Earth. People who go through life without finding life purpose essentially have no direction for being here. At least that seems to be the universes view of the matter as purpose is defined by a higher sense of order, and yours being a part of that order. Therefore the healthiest and best thing you can do for your sustaining your own health is in finding life purpose, that which gives you a passion for being here and one that fulfills your life on a daily basis.

Some say there are two types of people in the world. The first type are those that are drawn to a conventional existence. They are the backbone of a society. They hold the traditional jobs and careers and raise a family and grow old peacefully and eventually leave this world in a positive manner. This type of person usually does not need to search for a purpose in life. It is usually provided for them by societal expectations, familial expectations or religious expectations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and in fact it is a far easier life than those of the other type. If you are this personality type then it is doubtful that you would be reading this series. They don't need to have someone tell them how to have better health. They usually pursue it on their own without even thinking about it. It is the other type of person who has the problems in life.

The second type of person is characterized as the thinker or philosopher type. These people contemplate the meaning for existence (theirs in particular) and do not feel a particular affinity with traditional religions or expectations that society has for them. Thus they are left on their own to find a life that they can truly call their own. They are truly different and not cut from the same mold as the others. This is most often not a particular easy calling in life. The fact is these people tend to find themselves searching for a reason for their existence and often end up experiencing life in difficult ways at times. This usually takes up the early portion of their lives until about 30. If they are holding a regular job then they will usually find themselves quitting it to find a deeper meaning for life. If they are fortuitous then events, talents and situations conspire to give them a new and deeper purpose in life that is in harmony with their own talents and interests. If things do not conspire then they usually find that life is listless or lacks passion for them and nothing seems to fulfill their need for greater meaning.

There are many wonderful resources to guide you in finding a passion and mission that aligns with the personal fullfillment that comes with following life on purpose. As you tune into your values and what is important to you, you will be guided to connect with your heart, where the answer can awaken.