A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The mind needs exercise just like the body. Our minds are exercised when we talk with other people, when we solve problems and when we play games. The reason certain elderly people "stay young" and healthy is because of their tendency to keep their minds involved and alive in life rather than becoming stagnant. We don't have to know how the human mind works to appreciate it as we age, and when our minds are actively engaged we are much better at life skills.

Engaging the brain is one of the best things to improve both quality of life and general overall health. When the brain is engaged we have a passion and desire for life and it is a simple fact that people who are passionate about life enjoy better health than those who are not. Simply staying active in life mentally adds years to your lifespan. Depending on your age, there are many suited games, puzzels, crafts, and opportunities to engage the mind.

The converse of this is that those who do not stay engaged in life and those who withdraw put themselves at risk for ill health and a reduced lifespan. By becoming apathetic about life the body becomes apathetic too and eventually wills itself into illness. The mind has powers over the body and our experience of life that we are only beginning to understand. Therefore use your mind, enjoy tools and concepts that support its health and wellness. You might even want to have fun with spirit and mind hypnosis and support creating a positive intention along with stimulating your mind to deeper levels of activity. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.