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Studies on Laughter - The Lighter Side of Healing

We have all heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine and have heard stories of laughter healing those with ailments, and this is indeed the truth. Those who enjoy and laugh about life and maintain their sense of humor have happier and healthier lives than those who are unable to see the lighter side of life. Laughter is not just a psychological process either. Studies on laughter tell us that laughing releases special chemicals and proteins that enhance our health and improve our immune system. There is a specific response in the body to laughter and this response affirms to us that indeed laughing has a positive influence on not only the mind and emotions but the body as well.

What causes us to lose our sense of humor? Most often it happens by becoming jaded or dwelling and ruminating on the negative things we have experienced. This is just another way we become stuck in life. When we are free and open and willing to experience then we have a lightness and joyfulness about us that lets us see not only the dark side of life but also the light side. And the light side is often humorous. So often laughter is the best cure, as we shake off the negative energy we have accumulated from the day, or from that negative thinking person who attempted to pass on their stressful ways of thinking to us.

We all have different nuances and preferences when it comes to humor. Some like slapstick. Some prefer irony and satire. Some like animal humor. Some like people humor. It really doesn't matter what you like as long as you indulge yourself once in a while and allow your mind and emotions to laugh for a while. After doing so you will feel much better able to face whatever life has in store for you.

Take the time to create a "humor diet" for yourself. Buy some books or movies, read stories of laughter healing, find the humorous and take a time to watch or read something light and playful at least once a week. As you do, you will find that this simple practice improves the entire week and gives you a much healthier and happier attitude than before. Laughter truly is good medicine.