Journal Writing - Find the Therapeutic Benefits of Journaling

Journal writing and jornal keeping may not be thought of us a traditional way to better health but the truth it is it is very effective in helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What is a journal? A journal is simply the daily record of your thoughts and observations about life as you live it. The benefit that a journal provides is allowing you to get your deepest emotions and thoughts out on paper and thereby release them from your body. This is also called stress reduction and with the stressful lifestyles we lead today this is a method that should be closely examined.

A daily journal can take many forms. You can begin by making your own, or you can purchase one of the notebooks for journaling available at your stationary or bookstore. Some people simply keep a diary of the things that went on in that particular day. Others use a daily journal more as a place to record observations about their life or even the weather. And yet others use it as a place to have conversations with people that they would never have in real life. A journal can do all of that and more. The key is that you use it in a way that benefits you the most. Another key is to get into the habit of doing it on a daily basis.

There are also other benefits of a journal. The therapeutic benefits of journaling are vast. From moving stress out of the body to reviewing thoughts floating around in your head that you weren't conscious of, as you write they just flow onto the paper. Journals are also a creative outlet and for those that are not artistically inclined for it gives them a way to be creative in a non-threatening manner. Everyone needs a creative outlet so if you have none in your life now a journal may be what works for you.

Though many people would never want someone to read their journal there are others that pass their journal on to their children as a personal legacy. It allows your descendants to better understand your life and your thoughts than they ever would by simply looking at pictures. It is truly a window into the past. And this window into the past also works for you. There is nothing more enlightening than reading journal entries from several years prior to get a grasp of the growth that has taken place for you as an individual.

Journaling is also a way to examine your own thoughts, values and beliefs. By understanding yourself better you are better able to make more intelligent decisions and take actions that are in line with your deepest values. Notebooks for journaling allow you to put your subconscious on paper and therefore decide what thoughts benefit you and which do not.

journal writing and journal keeping can be used to record dreams. Many people do this as a way to better understand their subconscious. Dreams can give us insight into life situations that we would not have otherwise. Recording dreams is a great way to gain a better understanding of your subconscious motivations.

As you practice writing daily, and begin a practice it will be fun for you to discover your therapuetic benefits of journaling, and give your self the space to have a little creative time for self reflection. To get your started, check out "Journaling from the Heart," by Eldonna Bouton.