Choose Your Favorite Form of Personal Growth Therapy

This isn't really one of those articles on lifestyle, but a reminder of the importance of personal growth and how it will support healthy lifestyle choices. We know from nature and from life that the first stage before death is stagnancy. Sometimes this is only a temporary time for recouping spent energies or conserving future expansion. This is illustrated by the plants and trees, which go stagnant during winter to conserve energy. Sometimes though this process of renewal is halted and when spring comes the plant never emerges from its dormant period. When this happens death soon follows.

There is a natural progression in life from outward to inward and from expansion to contraction. The rhythm is natural and most certainly should be embraced. However, what often happens in the elderly or the severely depressed is that they go into a dormant period of their life and they never come out of it. When the body, mind and emotions go dormant for an inordinate amount of time then the message being sent to the body is that the "I" has lost the will to live. The body is very good at following directions. Somehow it will find a way to ensure that the wish is fulfilled.

Thus, we must remember that life is truly a dance. It is a movement of in to out and up to down and from joy to pain. Life is about fluctuation and the continual process of movement. When this movement ceases then so does the life force. When we need support to remove our fears, or leap beyond our comfort zone, why not find your favorite form of personal growth therapy to assist your life in becoming richer and fuller.

For instance, what is expansion in the terms we are talking about? Expansion is desire and passion. It is having a want and hunger while reaching for goals and purpose. All of these things are ways in which we try to expand and grow in life. All of these desires are healthy. Just like anything, when taken to excess they can be unhealthy. Sometimes our pervious painful experiences, or our fears block us. But some level of these desires are required if we are to truly experience life and nowadays we have so many tools to assist us.

Many people cease learning once they graduate college or high school. Many would-be lovers give up on love after having their heart broke. Many parents lose their ability to live when they lose a child. Many businessmen give up the dream of owning their own company when met with failure. Many writers give up on writing when the book they wrote is refused for publication. Many retirees do nothing but pass their time once their job ends.

All of the above are examples of ways in which we cease to grow and to expand. Which of these have you been guilty of? Which of these are you doing in your life right now? Examine your life and think about the areas where you have refused to expand again after a dormant period. If you find one challenge yourself to once again begin moving forward. Find your favorite form of personal growth therapy and enliven your life. When reading articles on lifestyle, let them inspire you to move beyond your comfort zone. After all we never know what the future will hold.