Energy Healing Therapy - East Meet West

Energy healing therapy is mostly associated with new age teachings such as Reiki and QiGong. However, modern science is beginning to see the value of using holistic healing to support the human body. The last twenty years has seen the emergence of nursing programs that teach such techniques to those in the nursing field and holistic healing schools are becoming more popular. Specialists have even emerged in this discipline and our employed by many of the nations biggest hospitals.

Practitioners of energy healing therapies believe that the human body is surrounded by and interacts with an energy field that is unique to it and that reflects the health of the individual both emotionally and physically. Those gifted with the ability to see these energy fields can tell if an individual is healthy both emotionally and physically and can in many cases also see karmic and past life associations that are affecting the present life. More importantly, there have been many cases where a patient diagnosed as terminal by conventional medicine has been healed apparently through energy work. This gives us reason to consider energy therapy healing work as a legitimate alternative to traditional medicine and a complementary.

One of the most popular practitioners of Energy Work is Barbara Ann Brennan. She has written two books on the subject that have become standards in the educational practice of energy workers. The books are called "Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field" and "Light Emerging: Journey through the Personal Healing Process". Both of these books are highly recommended for those wanting to study the emerging field of energy work.

Energy healing therapy most often involves the human aura. The aura is the visual experience of the energy field surrounding the human being. The colors in this field reflect our health and our current state of emotion. Everyone cannot see this field. Apparently only certain individuals are able to see it and there is no known medical reason known for this being the case. Thus, scientific researchers have found it hard to accept the belief of this field. One scientific experience of the field is thought to have emerged in the 70's under the guise of a Russian researcher her called the process Kirlian Photography. During this process a photograph of the energy field was supposed to be created. Later researchers have remained skeptical of those results.

Energy work is still an emerging form of medicine though its roots date back thousands of years. As an aspect to better health it is a subject worth exploring and experiencing. There are new tools being developed, such as a vibrational healing machine, light and sound therapy aids, and holistic healing schools teaching many types of alternative therapies. It is possible that we are embarking on a new way of viewing healing that traditional medicine has been unable to do on its own. As East meets West, a new breed of health support is a viable option.