Healthy Habits Series: Creative Workshops and Finding Creative Outlets

Whether you are incorporating creativity in business, using creative visualization, or reading creativity books your life will e enriched through these creative outlet and they will become a very important component to general overall wellbeing. For when we approach life from a more action oriented stance, rather than a reactive state our life will benefit from this intentional direction.

Humans are unique for their creativity. It comes from a need to express this uniqueness through the creation of something external to us whether that something is a painting, a book, a doghouse or a garden. Creation is something that fulfills us and enhances our experience of life. Therefore exercising this energy is a necessary part of being a healthy human being.

There are those that claim they are not creative. However this cannot be true. It is only true that they have failed to find the outlet where their creativity can express itself. For all humans are co-creators, and can not help but do so. It is not possible that someone is not creative at all. Somewhere within them are the seeds to bring forth their individual spark, and it is up to them to find this spark and put it to use. The key is to try many different forms of creation until you find one that is natural and pleasing to you.

As a person creates they release energy which can only manifest into a form. This is a natural part of life. In essence we take energy in and then we metabolize or change that energy and then release it in a new and refined form. This applies to all things where we place attention and intension, including our emotions and experiences. When we talk to someone we are actually releasing energy. When we create something this too is releasing energy. Both of these events make sense of and give from to our experiences and this in essence is the purpose of processing energy.

The highest forms of creativity give life and being to something outside of our own reality. The lowest forms simply transcribe the experience and replay them as a recording. For example, when we experience the loss of a loved one it is natural to cry and to share our feelings and emotions with others. This gives us a sense of release and allows us to process our emotions even though we may be reacting to the pain we feel, we are still creating our experience in the moment. Another example of how we may transform through such an experience may be to journal or write a poem or some other creative exercise that transmits the emotional experience to physical reality. This in a sense allows us to pass on the experience to others and in so doing helps us channel the the painful emotions within us. Thus, we see that creative output is a natural part of the processing of this energy supporting us in healing.

No matter what challenges come before you, turn to that spark of creative energy that is unique to your own way of being. You might want to check out a creativity workshop in your area, or practice some fun visualizations to get your juices flowing.