Healthy Habits Series: Yearly Health Check Up and Eye Exams

Getting a regular health check up is a necessity to maintaining good health. The simple fact is that early detection through physical examinations and eye exams are one of the primary factories in the survivability of major diseases. You also should be aware of any special situation regarding your own particular genetics and relate that information to your physician. Do you have a history of stroke or diabetes within the family? Do you have a family history of cancer? Questions like these can be the difference between life and death.

The minimum should be that you have a complete physical at least once a year. As you get older this frequency should be increased. Find a physician that is interested in you and cares about your well being. Many people don't realize the necessity of finding a physician they are comfortable with and completely trust. You are putting your life in their hands so you owe it to yourself to make sure you are getting the best care possible.

You also need to be aware of any sudden changes that take place in your health. Changes such as a sudden weight gain or loss could be an indication of something far more serious. Also be aware of your digestive system and regularity, and if you notice anything unusual in your stool. Women should check their breasts for lumps and have a regular pap smear. Nowadays there are safer methods for women to check their breasts through thermography detection. This is a very safe procedure without the carcinogenic effects caused by radiation, and is known to detect cancer 10 years earlier than a mammography. Men should also have a regular check up on ech year for their prostate.

Dental health is also another facet of good overall health. At least once a year you should have a thorough and deep professional teeth cleaning. This gets rid of bacteria and plague that tends to build up over time. Just brushing doesn't remove this material. It requires a professional cleaning by a dental hygienist. Therefore schedule an annual dental exam just like you would a regular check up with your family physician. Your vision health is also important, so be sure and care for your eye health, too.

Early detection is the best solution to serious health problems and often makes the difference between life and death. Therefore do yourself a favor and make sure you are getting your annual health check ups and monitoring your overall health on a regular basis. Physical examinations of your eyes, teeth, and body will create a comparision each year and help you notice when something changes in your health status.