TriOS College - Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Completing studies at a Canada physiotherapist training program can lead to an interesting career working in therapeutic healthcare. TriOs College in Hamilton, Ontario provides the education you need to qualify for employment in this in-demand career field. Established in 1992, the campus is located at 4 Hughson Street South. There you will find modern equipment and facilities and instructors that care about conveying the skills to allow you to prepare fully to become successful.

These Ontario physical therapy assistant courses focus on teaching the theory, techniques and treatments that allow your to help clients recover from disease, injury, or surgery. You'll be part of the process of recovery, a very rewarding experience.

By applying yourself, you can earn your physical therapy diploma in as little as 42 weeks. Your studies will cover the therapeutic and treatment skills you need as well as business, computer and interpersonal skills required to successfully function in state-of-the-art workplaces.

Learn how attending this Canada physiotherapist training can allow you to develop the qualifications for a satisfying, lucrative career.