University of Oriental Medicine Acupucture Programs

California Chinese acupuncture schools are popping up throughout the state and can open a doorway to an exciting and fulfilling career.

Acupuncture and herbology training provides you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your clients.

By attending an Oriental medicine school you have the opportunity to master the science of Oriental Medicine and earn your degree leading you to career security.

More people are turning to alternative healing practices as a way of life to enhance their wellness care and treat the causes of disease rather than just addressing the symtoms and masking the underlying problems.

In California, 36 months of training is the minimum requirement for licensing in this healing art form. Check with your state to learn what is required. One you find a school be sure and schedule a tour.

Take time to meet that staff, learn about their intern programs and you may even wish to travel to China and meet master healers which will offer you greater exposure to the possibilities Eastern practices offer.