Tui Na Medical Massage Training

If you are seeking an Oriental Medicine School that offers Tui Na medical massage then be sure and check out the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Chinese medicine is a complete medical system used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness that has been in use for thousands of years. By treating the human body in a holistic manner, the body can function properly and efficiently.

Tui Na is a very ancient Chinese medical massage technique that represents one of the most organized and therapeutic systems of massage on the planet today.

This complete massage system is found at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where they teach a 309 hour program. It includes Tui Na Hand Techniques, Tui Na Structural Techniques, Tui Na for Internal Disharmonies along with Pediatric, Sports, and Oriental Medicine Theory and Points for Massage therapists Tui Na Style.

If you would like to learn more about the course of study to become specialized in the art of Tui Na Medical Massage then check out the course available in San Diego, California.You can easily learn more about this ancient healing art by requesting more information on the program. Just visit the following link and enter your information.

To learn more, visit > Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego