Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: San Diego, New York, Chicago

Choosing the right California holistic health school is such an important decision.

If you are seeking classes in Oriental Medicine then be sure and check into the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a comprehensive program to earn your doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - DAOM. Or you might choose the Master of Science program in Traditional Oriental Medicine depending on your ambition.

Some of the other programs offered at the San Diego Campus of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine include:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Asian Holistic Health & Massage)
  • Associate of Applied Science (Holistic Health Science)
  • Massage Technician Certificate
  • Massage Therapist/Asian Bodywork Certificate
  • Tui Na Certificate

Your future success depends on selecting the CA holistic medicine school that will prepare you fully to enter the field of natural health care and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has a great reputation.

Today more and more people are seeking complimentary or alternative medicine to maintain optimal health and quality of life. As a trained professional, you'll enjoy helping clients to achieve their health goals using natural techniques. Few career choices provide the personal and spiritual satisfaction combined with the potential to create a comfortable income. Every day you will know that you have made a positive difference in the lives of your clients as you treat their ailments and assist them in their wellness plans.

To learn all the details about preparing for this in-demand health care opportunity, simply request the information you need directly from the school. Just visit the following link and enter your information and a school representative will respond with answers to your important questions.

To learn more, visit > Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego

This fine holistic school also has campuses in Illinois and New York. If you live in the New York Area you may elect to earn a certificate in Herbal Medicine to ger your a L.A.c praticioner training. This New York Oriental Medicine Program includes the following courses:

  • Master of Science (Traditional Oriental Medicine)
  • Master of Science in Acupuncture (MSAc)
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies (Asian Holistic Health and Massage)
  • Associate of Occupational Studies (Massage Therapies)
  • Certificate in Herbal Medicine for L.Ac. Practitioners

To learn more, visit > Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago & New York Campus