Fitness Training Program - ATI Career Training Center - Dallas & North Richland Hills, Texas

Obtaining Texas sports and personal trainer education at a quality school can lead you toward a bright future in the rapidly growing health and fitness field. If you are seeking a Texas Personal Fitness Trainer program be sure and check out ATI Career Training Center in Dallas or North Richland Hills Texas.

The exact address is: 6351 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX 76180. Boulevard 26 is formerly known as Grapevine Highway.

For students who live in the Dallas area you will find that campus at: 10003 Technology Boulevard West, Dallas, TX 75220.

At this well established fitness trainer school in North Richland Hills students prepare for a career in the ever growing health industry. ATI's personal trainer program educates students in a variety of ways. First, all facets of the body along with modalities to interact with the wisdom of the body are covered, such as Physiology and Kinesiology. Wellness and Nutrition are included in relationship to body health, along with appropriate weight, weight loss, weight gain, and fitness topics.

Students learn how to access their client's needs and develop specific programs for them, which can include sport-specific exercise programs. Hands on learning using a variety of exercise equipment and methods teach students about the latest advanced equipment and tools for attaining fitness and well-being.

Texas Fitness Trainer ProgramAt the end of the course a one week boot camp at the Professional Fitness Institute, in Las Vegas, Nevada tops of this excellent Texas Personal Fitness Instructor program. What a better way to learn while also establishing confidence, self esteem, while receiving support and encouragement to meet you own fitness goals. This overall program fully prepares students to enter this in-demand field where employment opportunities are growing every day.

You'll find that Texas sports and personal trainer education will prepare you for interesting work that can be satisfying both financially and spiritually. To learn about career options and student services, request information from the school. Simply enter your information so you can learn about financial aid options, fees, schedules and much, much more.

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