Nuat Borarn Thai Bodywork Training

Thai Bodywork is one of the most respected massage techniques found in holistic healing.

Known as Thai massage in the Western world, Nuad Bo-Rarn, is one of the ancient healing arts that is growing in demand in the United States. It is based upon traditional medical techniques from the Far East and includes comprehensive manipulative therapy to open the energy paths or channels known as Sen lines. The results are increased flexibility and relief of tension.

Traditionally a Thai bodywork practitioner would place the client on a floor mat and they remain fully clothed. This system of massage is a whole-body treatment that combines passive stretching along with beneficial movement of joints. There are several touch techniques involved which include working with the Sen energy meridians.

A session is performed with much nurturing and grace almost like an interactive dance that that embraces the client with sensitivity of their various conditions. When a client experiences a Thai Bodywork session they will be left with greater flexibility along with an increased flow of energy throughout the body. Most clients comment on how relaxed they feel along with a sense of well being.

Unlike practices like rolfing, or other very physical approaches Thai Bodywork is very efficient and graceful. With the use of movement, rhythm, breath, and touch, a session applies leverage as the client rocks and integrates the work. Some cross fiber stroking of tendons and muscles is included. Depending on the clients preferences a session can be very gentle or vigorous.