Detox and Colon Hydrotherapy Training

Classes in colon hydrotherapy training are growing in popularity because this natural therapy is becoming recognized as a vital need as research has shown that our body absorbs many toxins through day-to-day life.

This toxic buildup from the food we eat, and the air we breath may be a factor in various diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and the development of Chemical Sensitivity often brought on by a weakened immune response due to a compromised system.

toxinsWhen the colon walls are free from buildup we are able to absorb more nutrients from the food and nutrients we ingest. With the benefits of colonics our whole body is more apt to stay healthy as our immune system improves through detoxification. This form of therapy has been around for a very long time, and now western medicine is incorporating it into wellness plans and also recognizing the many benefits.

If you would like to become colonic certified you can do so in many areas through a 100-hour Colon Therapy Program that meets the requirements of your state's regulatory board. Students learn about the beneficial relationship between diet and intestinal cleansing, and detoxing for colon health. This information is valuable when working with massage therapy clients, and for professionals who wish to add another skill to their health practice.

Upon completion of a hydrotherapy course, the student will receive a diploma which verifies that they have completed an extensive course in colon hydrotherapy training. Then they can work in a variety of health and wellness facilities, or begin their own business once they complete the state's examination and become fully qualified and licensed.