Create Your Own Stevia Recipies

Stevia recipes can be found on the Internet, but you may find that some of the best recipes are created through the use of your taste buds and imagination. Stevia is a Latin American plant bearing leaves that are sweet in taste. This plant belongs to the Composite family, or in other words it is related to the family of chicory, marigold and lettuce.

Stevia extract can be used in most any recipe that requires sweeting instead of adding sugar or sugar substitues. Examples are grill sauces for beef, or if you prefer to bake or broil your beef, lamb, or chicken try adding a bit of stevia to your favorite herb and oil marinade. Poultry with stevia and spices like corriander and ginger complement each other very well. You can experiment with your side dishes, baked yams, sweet potatoes, or baked beans whick are yummy with a little stevia added. Try stevia added to carbonated mineral water along with your favorite juice for a real treat! Your stevia recipes are as limited as your imagination.

You can also try stevia tea. Stevia is a good substitute for sucralose. For reasons of good health it's better to be aware of the dangers of sucralose. Splenda or sucralose, used as an artificial sweetener, can harm your health seriously in the long run. On the other hand, there are no such dangers of stevia. Stevia is really healthy and good for you.

Stevia added to food will become a favorite, because it tastes good without the burden of added calories. Stevia never affects your blood sugar levels the way sugar does. It is non-toxic and enhances the flavor in your food. What's more, it prevents cavities in your teeth.

Stevia recipes are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from hypoglycemia, diabetes, candida and other conditions where the physician rules out regular use of sugar as well as that of artificial sweeteners. So give it and try, and have fun adapting your favorite recipes, using stevia as an alternative sweetener.