Relieving Stress By Exercise

Relieving stress by exercise may sound too like much work, but it works every time! How do you deal with life's unexpected, unpleasant surprises? There are some in everybody's life - moving to a strange city, losing a job, falling sick, the list is virtually endless. Do you react by going down in the dumps? Or do you get up and do something about it? Well, even if you cannot do anything about it, it will make you feel better just to get up and move your body.

When you exercise, your body releases pent-up tension. This is why exercise helps with stress relief. Exercise in any form is good for fighting stress, but it's best when you combine your exercise with an activity that is relaxing and enjoyable.

When we are depressed, we reach out for easy-come feel-good things, like drugs, alcohol, food or sleep. Don't do this and end up feeling guilty; instead make a habit of relieving stress in healthy ways. Think of activities that make you feel cheerful. Is it going on an easy-pace bike ride? Taking a slow walk with a friend? Gardening? Decide on an activity and start doing it as often as you can when you feel any build up of stress. Everyday activities like walking, cleaning or raking leaves can be healing exercises. Reduce stress with exercise.

If you are doing some high intensity activity like running or aerobics, always give yourself some time to warm up. It's best to let the heart rate climb gently. Likewise, give yourself some more time to cool down. Wind down properly and do gentle stretches for a few minutes. You will find the exercise has lifted your moods miraculously. Discover the magic of relieving stress by exercise.