Raw Food Health: One Healthy Bite at a Time

Raw food, health, and fitness go hand in hand. You may have wondered if the virtues of raw food diets have been extolled or not. But it really is true! Raw food recipes are as good for your health as they are tasty. People who eat raw foods think sharper and clearer, are more alert and more active. What's more, raw food eaters can improve their health and become sickness-free.

The National Academy of Science's National Research Council's book, "Diet, Nutrition and Cancer," cites hundreds of researches that show how cooking generates carcinogens and mutagens in food.

Right from the moment you apply heat to the foodstuff, cooking is nothing but a process of destroying the nutrients present in food. At these temperatures, proteins start to deaminate and coagulate. Vitamins, also, are fast destroyed by cooking. Fats, on the other hand, are especially damaging when subjected to heat - altering themselves to form free radicals and acroleins. After being exposed to destructive temperatures for half an hour or more, raw, healthy food ends up totally dead and devoid of all nutritive value. If you draw up a list of raw foods, you will find they are infinitely better eaten raw than cooked.

Do you know what happens after you eat a cooked food meal? Your white blood cells become double and triple in number. If you know why white blood cells are the basis of our immune system, you will understand that your food has been rendered toxic by cooking!

Cooked minerals are no longer organic, and return to their native state in which they cannot be used by the body. So they combine with cholesterol and saturated fats in the circulatory system that, as a result, gets clogged up with plaque-like substances.

So you see that cooked food is the cause of much disease and dullness, and that raw food health is always a better option.