Low Carb Bake Mix: Only 1/2 the Guilt

Low carb bake mix products are very popular in many grocery and specialty health food stores. The increasing trend of health awareness and fitness are the principal reasons behind this. There are several makers and varieties of low carb bake mixes that you might be eager to check out before you attempt to make your own.

For instance there you can try a no/low carbohydrate diet bake mix such as the one created by Atkins. This mix can be prepared with butter if you like and you can add low carbohydrate syrups, sauces and frostings. You can also make your own mix if you like, using a low carb almond flour or a soy flour is a really good choice. There is also a plain vanilla variation which incorporates soy protein isolate with Splenda sweetening and vanilla flavor. You can use it to make pancakes, pie crusts and other baked goods. There is a chocolate variety that contains zero amount of carbs. This is generally used for making chocolate cake and low carb cookies. You can also enjoy a zero carb pancake syrup which is rich in maple flavor and is created by Atkins. It goes tremendously well with the zero or low carb pancakes. You can also find mixes for your low carb muffin recipes.

A low carb bake mix is a real joy for the health conscious person who can indulge their sweet tooth and yet maintain their desired body weight with only a slight amount of guilt. Sugar free and low carb cookies can also help to keep the excess body fat from creeping back on. However some people are sensitive to the types of sugar alternatives used in low carb bake mixes, so finding healthy alternative sweeteners like stevia and making your own low carb bake mixes can help a person have their cake and eat it too without any adversity or taste compromise.