Enjoy Heart Healthy Cake Recipes

The idea that it’s possible to create a heart healthy cake may sound like an oxymoron, but doing so is possible. To understand how to whip up such a concoction, we simply need to replace the less healthy ingredients with more wholesome items.


As we all know, granulated white sugar is a main staple of baking, but it’s anything but a healthful ingredient. Instead of using refined white sugar, we need to substitute a less processed sugar. Although artificial sugars like Sucralose, Aspartame, and Splenda are low-calorie, many health experts are concerned that they are not healthy. Instead, it’s better to use a natural sweetener like stevia root. If you haven’t yet learned about stevia, make sure to do so, as it’s a great alternative to unhealthy sugars. Just go to your favorite Internet search engine and type in “stevia” and you’ll find a lot of helpful information.

A great way to sweeten a heart healthy cake is to add fruit, like apples, peaches, or pears. Using fruit juice in your cake recipe is another option.


Most cake recipes make heavy use of refined white flour. Unfortunately, when the germ and fiber are removed from the grain kernel, the health benefits are also depleted. Thus, it’s much better to use whole grains, like whole wheat or alternative grains like spelt, kamut, or amaranth. These grains are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


There’s a lot of controversy about which oils are healthy and which are not. Dr. Joseph Mercola has an interesting viewpoint on the subject and recommends coconut oil for cooking. Olive oil is very nutritious, but isn’t a good oil for baking.

Seasoning & Flavors

A great way to improve the flavor of your heart healthy cakes is to use cinnamon, cocoa, and other baking-friendly ingredients, like natural vanilla. Just make sure not to use too much salt (a pinch will do).

In The Pan

We hope these ideas will encourage you to start modifying existing cake recipes. Using existing recipes will remind you to use other essential ingredients, like baking powder. You certainly don’t want a flat cake! Once you begin to get the hang of how to substitute better ingredients, you may even begin to create your own cakes that are healthy for your heart from scratch. Happy baking!