Dried Organic Fruit: Sweetness without Guilt

What really comes into your mind when you hear the term "dried organic fruit," something real tasty, easy to carry, healthy and ready to eat at any place and time? We all know that dried fruit is a wonderful alternative to refined sugar for that sweet tooth craving expecially organic dried apricots.

Drying is the oldest process of preserving food and you will be happy to know that nothing is added to the organic fruit in the drying process. Only the water part of the fruit is dehydrated and as the fruit is drying the air and heat remove bacteria and other organisms. None of the food value gets diminished and what we get is the nutrients in dehydrated form. The organic fruit is dried and packaged, which preserves it for a long period of time.

You need to consider the processing system that includes proper pasteurizing and storing the organic dried fruits in an airtight container. One might have queries regarding the digestion of dried organic fruits because it is dehydrated. So here lies the solution, drink adequate amounts of water while eating dried fruits and that will aid in digestion. Dried fruits, like organic apricots are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber without the fat or cholesterol, so fruit that is dried is always a good option whenever you need a lot of energy but wish to exclude fat calories. But why go for dried when fresh is available? Research has shown that their are more calories in dried fruits but the nutrients remain the same. Also, eating dehydrated fruits are easy when on go, forgoing the mess, and are so much more much more convenient.

The next time you feel like adding a little bit of color to your salad or any other recipe try adding dried organic fruit for a flavorful treat. Organic apricots, cranberries, and raisins are all tasty in salads. They are readily available in the market in order to bring sweetness, flavor and texture to your daily diet.