Making Low Carb Condiments

Low carb condiments are sometimes difficult to find but they are becoming more in demand. This trend is not entirely without reason. Today, in the United States alone, about 50% of the adults are reported to be overweight and almost 25% of all the adults are on the verge of obesity. If your weight is over 20% of the average body weight for your age, sex, height, or physical shape, you are considered obese. Its also important to mention that a number of diseases have been linked to obesity, including: Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Arthritis and High Cholesterol. Most commonly, obesity is caused from a poor diet and/or lack of exercise. Stress and chemical imbalances have also been linked to this condition.

As a result, people are looking for alternative foods that will allow them to keep eating the kinds of foods they enjoy but with less consequence. For instance, regular sauces and condiments are often high in sugar, thus carbs. This makes finding condiments, such as a low carb bbq sauce recipes a real find. You can find bbq sauce recipes, low carb varieties readily available on the Internet.

When you find a store bought product it typically contains artificial and natural flavors, a little more water than usual, cellulose gum, natural caramel color, and sucralose. It also contains perservatives, like potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate. You may want to create your own to avoid additives and sucralose because of their negative side effects. For example a good low carb bbq sauce recipe would mix tomato paste or a low carb catsup, Stevia powder or liquid, and a small amount of maple syrup to keep the carbs reduced. Then add your favorite spices and a little smoked flavoring.

Before using low carb condiments that you purchase in the store it is always advisable to read the label first just in case your body is sensitive to any of the ingredients. If so, you can make your own. First, read the ingredients in your favorite bbq sauce, and then make your own by substituting healthy alternative sweeteners like Stevia for the sugar or corn syrup, and you will be well on your way. Your taste buds will guide you in making the best recipes.