Managing Chronic Pain Without Drugs

Managing chronic pain without drugs is not easy, but it can be achieved. But first we need to understand the nature of chronic pain and the different alternatives to drug therapy.

If a pain lasts for more than three months, it can be classified as a chronic pain. Some experts also define chronic pain as pain that lasts even after the normal healing process. This type of pain is different from acute pain because it is difficult to diagnose. So if you have been seeking relief for back, neck pain for more than three to six months, it might be a chronic pain.

It's entirely possible to deal with this kind of pain without drugs. Consult qualified professionals trained in holistic therapies and alternative medicine, and they can administer safe and effective treatments for your chronic pain. These treatments work on the belief that the body has its own healing powers, and all we need to do is tap into those powers and stimulate them. What's more, you won't even have undesirable side effects.

Are you looking for a good home back pain relief? Then the following alternative therapies may be just what you need.


This is a system of learning about the body, increasing efficiency in the process. This takes strain off the joints and results in saving more energy. Feldencrais is offered by many premier pain management clinics as part of the treatment.


This is a traditional Chinese treatment, thousands of years old. It works by defining some key points on the body and then inserting sterile needles at those points to help the body's energy flow freely. Acupuncture works well in neck and back pains that are chronic in nature.


The ancient healing system of yoga involves stretching and breathing techniques. It is mild enough for you to use as a home back pain relief. Yoga works by restoring proper body positions or alignment.

There are other alternative therapy systems as well, that help you in managing chronic pain without drugs.