Massage Schools in Georgia

Of the massage schools in Atlanta, you will want to learn about Anthem College.

This fine massage college embraces a balance of academic knowledge, technical skills, clinical training and dexterity required to become a success in the in-demand field of massage therapy.

The school campus is located at: 2450 Piedmont Rd, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.

To learn more, visit > Anthem College in Atlanta

Everest Institute also one of the best known sports massage therapy schools in America and offers several campuses in Georgia.

At Everest, the staff is eager to help students prepare for their future careers. Everest Institute even has a career placement assessment program designed to help students identify their innate abilities and where they have special interests and talents. This conscious step is designed to help you receive the most out of the massage training program by assessing if a career in the healthcare sector is the right choice for you.

You may want to schedule a tour of the campus of your choice to learn more about their massage programs and commitment to their students. At a fine Georgia massage school you will learn the skills, ethics and behaviors to prepare you for a professional career in one of the most satisfying health care fields available.

massageclinicOnce you begin your career helping your clients experience reduced pain, enjoy better circulation and flexibility; and avoid invasive therapies you will see an increase in their quality of life. Another benefit is how you will feel working in a helping and caring industry.

Whether you want to enter the field of sports massage therapy or open a massage therapy clinic, you can take that first step to begin your new career path today!

Click here, to learn more > Everest Institute, Multiple Campuses in Georgia

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