Are You Socially Anxious?

Social anxiety can be a real day-to-day burden for many people. It's estimated that up to 4 percent of the U.S. population suffers from this disorder, that's well over 5 million people. It's little wonder this disorder is such a large problem with so little social anxiety support readily available.

Social anxiety disorder (communication anxiety) is very different to the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks, which are also known as panic attacks, are where the sufferer has fear of bodily sensations, that something bad is going to happen to them... "I'm going to have a heart attack", "I'm going to suffocate", "My legs are going to give way." Social anxiety also should be confused with general anxiety, which is generalized worry about a broad range of topics.

With social anxiety, the worry fear is not one of bodily sensations or general issues, but specifically of social embarrassment. This embarrassment arises because the sufferer is worried how other people might view them... "What if I say the wrong words, I'll look really stupid", "I hope my hand doesn't shake when I pay for the magazine, he'll think I'm a weirdo," "What if I blush at the party? That would be a nightmare."

These fears and negative beliefs can cause a person to become overly shy to the point of ever putting themselves in any situation where they might be judged by other people. Soon the sufferer becomes even more introverted and self-aware, and then the problem begins to feed on itself.

Popular methods for overcoming social anxiety include cognitive and behavioral procedures. Significant progress can be made in just 12 short sessions. However I'd recommend avoiding traditional counseling or regression therapy, neither of these address the underlying issues of social anxiety. Often, all analyzing and ruminating on the problem does is make it worse.

If you're after more cutting edge relief method that many people are having success with, then look no further than Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It's a surprising simple yet powerful technique.

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