Read a Variety of informational articles: Articles on Consciousness, Biofeedback and Pranic Therapy, a Tribute to Sigmund Frued, and articles to help you relieve anxiety.

Help for Anxiety Attack Symptoms and Tips for Panic Attacks

Articles on Consciousness & Biofeedback Therapy

  1. Biofeedback - Part 1: Mirrored Response
  2. Biofeedback - Part 2: How It Works
  3. Biofeedback - Part 3: Uses

A Tribute to Sigmund Freud

Celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of the life of Sigmund Freud, read a slice of Sigmund Freud Biography as a reflection of his theories and contribution.

Course on Pranic Therapy by G. Kumar

  1. Pranic Therapy - Part 1: Introducion to Pranic Therapy and Rise of Holistic Health
  2. Part 2: Chaos Theory, Integral Life, Holistic Health Awareness
  3. Part 3: Qi or Ki Life Force Energy, Vedic Scriptures, Yogic and Tantric Models
  4. Part 4: Ayurvedic Health Model and Effects of an Acid or Alkaline Body Balance
  5. Part 5: Biorhythms, the Immune System and Holistic Health
  6. Part 6: Prana Energy, Cause of Disease, Meditation, & the Balance of Yin and Yang
  7. Part 7: Gemstone Therapy Chart, Medical Astrology Charts, Altered States and Cosmic Prana