“Same Soul, Many Bodies” by Brian L. Weiss

A case study on past and future lives, Brian Weiss, author of the best selling “Many Lives, Many Masters” takes us on a journey of the therapeutic benefits of past life regression to gain a better understanding of our lives today. While skeptics are asking if past life regressions are evidence of reincarnation, Weiss cites cases where the story of a past life told through the eyes of a patient regressed could be and were actually verified, in the sense that the people whom these folks under hypnosis claimed to be-had been. Those people had really existed. Same Soul, “Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy” lives up to its title.

The soul has sight, not the body. This has been proven time after time by believers-and skeptics- who have interviewed people after they have died and been brought back to life. These people recall floating above the operating tables and scenes of accidents while the medics and surgeons worked feverously on them in order to bring them back. They are able to recall in great detail the scene and what the medics said, did, and wore. Weiss cites these cases in the book to make an argument for future lives-the souls were getting ready to depart and move on to other bodies and lives. The book is very well written, making compelling statements of life after life for those who would seek the answer to what happens to us after this body dies.

Is reincarnation real? To read this book is to know that it is. Hundreds of cases make point for it, from the studies of collected past life regressions of Buddhists and other religious leaders to Freud himself, who was sure that the subconscious harbored the soul.

More than answering the question if past life regressions are evidence of reincarnation, Weiss’ book helps us to not fear the inevitable, the death of our physical bodies by helping us understand through these documented cases. These near death experiences all report being calm, seeing friends and famiuly-even pets-from the other side while they were in a lucid state, that is, under no medication. That alone is worth buying and reading this book of hope.

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