Everest University in Jacksonville, Florida

A Florida massage school can provide you with the education to succeed in the natural health care field.

By attending a Florida massage therapy school that provides a comprehensive education, you’ll be fully prepared to obtain your license and operate your own clinic or work in one of the many exciting workplaces which require trained professionals.

Everest College, formally Florida Metropolitan University (FMU), is a provider of Jacksonville massage courses and training. This fine college can provide you both classroom theory and hands-on clinical experience to ensure you perfect all the needed skills to enter this career field with assurance and confidence.

back massageUpon graduation, you’ll be prepared to help your clients feel better by using your sense of touch and manual dexterity to manipulate muscle and connective tissue to help their bodies operate more efficiently. Clients will come to you for pain relief, relief from muscle and joint stiffness, improve immune response, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure and many other health benefits.

You can obtain all the details to learn about the comprehensive classes, schedules, and tuition fees, by contacting the school directly and chatting with a school rep. You can then schedule a tour and visit the school campus to see if this is the right choice to assist you in launching your new career

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