Finding the Right Table for Your Massage Therapy Practice

We wanted to offer you an example of a successful company who understands the needs of health professionals in various fields who utilize specialty tables and tools in their practices.

One such company, Care-Tech Research started as a small family business in Toronto in 1973. It was the joint effort of Marten Gabriel, a Rolfer and an industrial designer and his wife Laara, who is a registered massage therapist.

The company moved to Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island, in 2004 after they had successfully marketed massage tables in Delta, British Columbia and on the shores of Fraser River, near Vancouver for many years.

Today, Care-Tech Research has successfully created lift massage tables that can be lowered more than any other massage table on the market. The company has also pioneered the idea of easy removable tops, without the help of tools.

The ergonomic massage table by Care-Tech is a revolutionary design for the practitioner. The massage therapist can effectively use the massage tables because they are well suited to the therapists body positions when giving a treatment. This is because Ergonomics helps to provide protection against injury and burnout. Ergonmically designed tables allow the therapist to use their strength properly instead of straining and using their body weight, which is what happens when tables are the wrong height.

Ergonomic massage tables really make the work of the practicing therapist much easier and while providing more enjoyable working conditions. If you are a therapist seeking a well designed table you’ll find you will have happy and satisfied customers along with support for your body to sustain from overworking your body muscles. Your clients will also appreciate the quality of an ergonomic designed table and as a massage practitioner you can actually take on one extra session per workday, without fatigue. Ergonomically advanced massage tables can help you earn extra income, without having to exert yourself.

Care-Tech Research also manufactures a variety of basic electric massage tables. Some of the electric lift tables are designed for different treatment modalities.

FS3 Attitude – This treatment support system is ideal for shorter massage therapists and deep tissue therapists, like Rolfers and Hellerworkers. It is powered by two silent electro-pistons. It can drop to 12″ and lift all the way up to 38″, an incredible range of 26″. The Attitude offers the unique ‘expansion top’ by Care-Tech Research. The inset extension slide allows the therapists to get closer to their work, irrespective of the shape or size of the client. Care-Tech also offers a long bar switch for the ‘up’ and ‘down’ function.

The Flora Table Design – This basic table design is an economical alternative to the Attitude table. It can drop as low as 18″. The lift range of 20″ is still superior to that offered by most electric tables available in the market. It has optional bar switches and a unique undercarriage design, to get your knees under the table from all sides. Flora top can be used with a two lift motor base, to extend the lift range down to 12″.

Ab-Solution Treatment System – This system comes with a sophisticated tabletop, which provides gentle abdominal support to accommodate pregnant clients, in the prone position, with nominal increase in intrauterine pressures. It offers a 26″ lift range and the tabletop is 2″ thicker, to create room for the belly well. It has the same inset extension slides like the Attitude table.

Osteopathy Table

Care-Tech Research has been working in consultation with an osteopath for a prototype electric lift table, ideal for the profession.

MediSpa – It is another comprehensive Care-Tech massage table. Its incredible surface flexibility and versatility is the greatest advantage. You can perform a wide number of modalities on the same platform, with the lift range and selection of options. It is practically suited for any service and can even function as a spa table for manicures, pedicures, facials, hydrotherapies and even pregnancy massages.

massageCustom-Built Electric Lift Tables – Custom tables come in two customized options, major and minor. The minor customized options are common, since it is relatively easy to customize certain components like the size or shape of the tabletop, without any major implications. Major customization, on the other hand, requires planning.

There are many other brands of quality tables on the market, but for those of you who have asked about ergonomic designs we feel you will find inspiration in knowing manufacturers are exploring new options for the massage practitioner to ensure their health and safety.

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