Astrology Article Archives: History of the Planets and Their Relationship to All Signs of the Zodiac

Read past AstroCurrent articles to better understand how to interpret astrological influences and how the planets play a role in effecting all signs of the zodiac depending on their placement and relationship to each other.

  1. Key Astrology Aspects for December 2006: Life Review, Focus, Open Mindedness, and Looking Within
  2. November 2006: Personal Power, Seeking Truth, Optimism, and Expansion
  3. October 2006: Deep Changes, Healing and Transformation
  4. September 2006: Communication, Emotions, and Intuitive Insights
  5. August 2006: Integrity, Leadership, and Letting Go
  6. May 2006: Courage, Security, and our Emotions
  7. April 2006: Love and Unification, Growth and Movement, Diplomacy
  8. March 2006: Soul and Life Purpose and Potential for a Renewal of Spirit
  9. February 2006: Creativity, Inner Knowing, Personal Motivation
  10. January 2006: Financial Security, Budgets, and Passion with Purpose
  11. 2006 Astrology Report: How the Stars Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
  12. December 2005: Personal Power, Commitment, Connection
  13. November 2005: Finding Truth, Power, & Security
  14. October 2005: Lunar Eclipse in Aries and Mars Retrograde
  15. Sept 2005: Astrology During Hurricane Season
  16. December 2004: Astro Events
  17. November 7th, 2004: Saturn goes retrograde until March 21st, 2005
  18. October 27th, 2004: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio / Taurus
  19. October 13th, 2004: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra

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