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For All Signs of the Zodiac: Living on Purpose in 2008 and Two AstroEvent Guides

Elizabeth Jones has created two wonderful Astrology Guides for the current year along with a helpful report on Living With Purpose to assist you in getting the most out of the year while staying true to your path.

Astro Event Guide

The Astro Event Guide is a simple to use reference tool which provides insight on the astrological events that are essential to track for the current year. Along with your yearly ephemeris these two tools will assist you in charting and understanding key events, events by degrees, planetary stations, planetary ingresses, and key aspects between the major planets. Be prepared for when Mercury turns retrograde and note the Lunar and Solar Eclipses throughout the year. The Astro Event Guide is also color-keyed for ease of reading.

Lunations Guide

The Lunations Guide provides full details on all of the year's New Moons and Solar Eclipses. Flip the guide over and all the Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses are listed on the other side. Elizabeth explains about each event so that you will fully understand how to apply this information to any of the signs. You learn what to be aware of during each Lunation. What seeks to plant at each New Moon. She shares key information and ideas to help you focus and get the most out of each of the events along with other pertinent data. The Lunations Guide is a rich reference tool that you will use all year long as you tune into the special energies present during these times.

Living with Purpose

The Living with Purpose Guide is a valuable three page pdf which offers useful and practical information with insights to help you embrace your Life Purpose during the year. You will better understand the planetary shifts that are in effect during the year and how they apply to you. This guide is for all sun signs. You can use the Living with Purpose guide to help you set goals, stay on tract with your dreams, and help clarify your deeper purpose. Learn the significance of the three major planets of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn and how the changes they are experiencing can help you create the best year ever. Find out how Mars energies can be harnessed to ignite motivation. This is a great tool for anyone seeking astrological insight throughout the year who wishes to also ignite their life purpose.

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