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AstroCurrents™ for August 2008: Part Two - Focus on Balance, Harmony, Maintaining Peace and Creating Order

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“Our self-image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other.”
--Dr. Maxwell Maltz

August 19 Mars Enters Libra Until 10/3

While Mars is in Libra, relationships get our attention, this could be a good thing or maybe not. Best case scenario is that you have more energy for dealing with the ins and outs of them, and can make great progress towards better understanding your partner. But take heed and be careful not to offend! There can be a combative quality between you and those closest to you at this time, so take extra steps to avoid confrontations.

Here are some keys for dealing with this energy:

  • Try not to take things so personally!
  • Proactively seek out ways that will encourage balance and compromise, even if it means you don’t get your own way.
  • Being a “warrior for justice and fairness” is a great expression of this Mars placement as long as you keep that in a bigger context, and not as much in your personal relationships. Meaning: don’t make others feel wrong.

One other thing: While Mars is in Libra you may find you must be decisive about things, even if you are not 100% certain about it. The best thing to do is to weigh out your options, then just go for it and don’t look back.

August 22 The Sun Enters Virgo at 8:45 AM, Until September 22

The Sun enters the Sign of Virgo on August 22 and when it does, we all feel the energy of Virgo in our own lives more strongly than other times. You can read more in Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) Describing Virgo Traits as to how this influences us all.

Topics covered at MTT are:

  • Current challenges and what to watch out during this time
  • Likely activities during this time
  • Ways to enhance this month's energies to our benefit
  • The spiritual focus and affirmations for this time
  • Crystals to work with to enhance these energies

“Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.”
--W. Clement Stone

August 28 Mercury Enters Libra Until 11/4

While Mercury is in Libra we strive for balance and harmony. And as are seeking this, you may well find that what is NOT in balance will arise in your day-to-day interactions. In conversation, optimally, seek to better understand the dynamics of all concerned so as to not unnecessarily rock the boat.

Here are some questions you may be thinking:

  • Why does everything feel so out of balance when I really want balance?
  • How can I create more justice in this situation? Is fairness being served?
  • If I do “this” will it upset the status quo?

One issue while Mercury is here is that we can be so indecisive that we hold up our own progress. Which way is best? Which answer is the most fair? What should I do?!? (Will someone please tell me!) And while Mars is in Libra as well, there may be pressure TO decide on a myriad of things. A key to making this work for you~and thus to keep from going crazy~ if you are in a quandary, yet must make a choice about something, take in the available information, and go with what will be fair, easiest and the least stressful.

Qualities available now, through consciously focusing one them, are:

  • Balance through compromise.
  • Peace of mind through staying away from extremes.
  • Allowing and opening yourself to give and receive.

This placement of Mercury opens a door for us to see Divine Order rather than chaos and confusion. All we need to do is ask for that view.

“I could see Peace instead of this.”
--Course in Miracles, L#34

August 30 Venus Enters Libra Until 9/23

Since Venus rules the sign of Libra it is most comfortable here. Venus influences our values, resources and finances, and relationships. In general, it also rules how we see beauty and relate to and/or appreciate art.

Some themes that may emerge now are:

  • How to bring a sense of harmony and balance to your relationships.
  • Finding ways to establish that same sense of balance in your finances.
  • Wanting to be a peacemaker and build bridges rather than burn them .
  • Seeking out and expressing order through beauty and grace.

During this time, you may be drawn to refined arts, such as ballet, theater or classical music. Often we feel the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty and things that create a sense of harmony during this time. This may manifest in color, fashion, poetry, art or any other way.

Venus in Libra can also help to create a romantic atmosphere, so finding ways to express your feelings towards those you love is made easier with this placement. This is a wonderful influence for bringing harmony to your personal relationships. Take advantage of this time and reach out with the intention of expressing your love and creating harmony.

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us.”
--John Dryden

August 30 New Moon at 7?48’ Virgo at 12:58 PM PDT

The New Moon each month is the perfect time for beginning anew in some area of our life as it is the start of the 29-day lunar cycle. The area to focus on is shown by what sign the New Moon is taking place in rules (this month it is Virgo). To better understand “what this sign is about” I suggest (re)reading Virgo MTT, but here is a re-cap of what is accented during this time:

  • Create more order in your life. This can be at any and every level.
  • Begin habits that support health and wellbeing. Again, this can be in any area of your life.
  • Get rid of things you don’t need anymore. De-clutter as necessary, even if in only one corner of your room/house/office/garage/attic/etc.
  • In nearly all things now, the rule of thumb is to go for what is simple, practical and perhaps even obvious. Get the basics right and the rest will follow.
  • Practice discernment and make wise choices to produce desired results, as your life is made up of the choices you have made.
  • Avoid being judgmental, critical or too hard on yourself or others.
  • Let go of trying to do everything perfectly.

Sending you Blessings and Light,
~Elizabeth Jones

Be sure and also reread AstroCurrents™ for August 2008: Part One, to refresh your memory on many influences still in effect from the first of the month.

Looking ahead to September here are the celestial events I will be discussing in the next two articles. Click to read AstroCurrents for September 2008: Part One.

  • September 7 Mars square Jupiter (retrograde) at 12?32’ Libra/Capricorn
  • September 7 Jupiter stations direct at 12?32' Cap until 6/14/09
  • September 8 Jupiter trine Saturn at 12?32’ Capricorn/Virgo
  • September 8 Pluto stations direct at 28?29’ Sagittarius until 4/4/09
  • September 15 Full Moon at 22?54’ Pisces at 2:14 am PDT
  • September 21 Mars trine Neptune (retrograde) 21?54’ Libra/Aquarius
  • September 22 Sun enters Libra at 8:45 am PDT (Fall Equinox)
  • September 23 Venus enters Scorpio until 10/18
  • September 24 Mercury stations retrograde at 22?50’ Libra until 10/15
  • September 29 New Moon at 6?33’ Libra at 1:13 am PDT

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