AstroCurrents™ for August 2008: Part One - Focus on Courage, Passion, Letting Go, Imagination and Solar Eclipse

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else..”--Goethe

The Sun is in the sign of Leo until August 22 and while it is there, we all feel the energy of Leo in our own lives more strongly than other times. You can read more in Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) Describing Leo Traits as to how this influences us all.

Topics covered at MTT are:

  • Current challenges and what to watch out during this time
  • Likely activities during this time
  • Ways to enhance this month's energies to our benefit
  • The spiritual focus and affirmations for this time
  • Crystals to work with to enhance these energies

August 1 New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 9?31' Leo at 3:13 am PDT

During the week before a Solar Eclipse it is important to pay careful attention to the messages that are trying to come through. This may be in dreams, what you read or just your daily interactions and activities. On the day of a Solar Eclipse and for at least the week after, it is good to consider what those mean to you, and then to act on them. This may be ideas, courses of actions to take, practices to implement or projects to pursue.

You may well see that progress has taken place by the next Full Moon on August 16, which is also a Lunar Eclipse. Stay open to change and new growth during this time. To the degree that you put forth positive intentions and actions now, you will find greater fulfillment and reward at the Full Moon.

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo empathizes how self confident and self assured you are when expressing your unique gifts, talents and offerings. Use the courage and enthusiasm available now to provide you with the motivation needed to do so. Also, there is a playful and dynamic energy now that can warm the heart.

Some ideas as to how to best use these dynamic energies are:

  • Plant seeds and initiate plans for personal growth and self-expression during this cycle.
  • Focus on those activities that bring you happiness and feelings of childlike joy. Make time to have some fun!
  • Follow your passions -- the world awaits your offering and your passions will lead you to them!
  • Generosity of spirit is a Leo quality and the gateway to blessings.
  • Be courageous and fearless.
  • Beware of being arrogant or dramatic.
  • Avoid being critical or judgmental~whether to yourself or others.

“Our self-image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other.”
--Dr. Maxwell Maltz

August 5 Venus Enters Virgo Until 8/30

Wherever Venus is, our heart's desire tends to follow, as Venus rules what we love, care about, are drawn to and want to do willingly. While Venus is in Virgo, you will be inclined towards more Virgo-like things, such as organizing, cleaning things out, de-cluttering, and essentially doing those things that make your life more efficient.

While this sounds like it primarily applies to your space and environment, it also can apply to your relationships. When was the last time you took stock of where things are in your personal relationships and thought about things like the amount of time you spend together? And how that time is spent? And whether you are focusing enough on the structure and fundamental elements of them? All of these do need to be considered, and perhaps updated, from time to time in order to continue to function and thrive over time. Giving some attention to the practical side of life is what this energy is about.

This is also a good time to take a look at your daily habits and regimes. Is your day structured so that it supports your over all health and well-being? Are you including enough leisure time? Eating well? Again, during this time it would be good to take a look at these things.

Here are some keywords and concepts to consider during the time that Venus is in Virgo in order to best utilize her influence while here:

  • It is a good time to sort things out.
  • Spend time looking at how you spend time (aka time management).
  • Get more efficient and organized in any area of your life that needs it.
  • Let go of stuff you just don't need (I recently did a free yard sale—everything was FREE. People loved it as you can imagine and it felt great to just let stuff go).
  • Eat simple and more naturally.
  • Return to those things that are basic and easy; in other words, focus on what is natural, easy and not complex.

NOTE: These energies and how their influence will increase in strength and become more important when Mercury enters Virgo on 8/10 and then get another boost when the Sun enters Virgo on 8/22.

August 6 Mars Opposite Uranus Retrograde at 22?01' Virgo/Pisces

Of all the planets that have the strongest influence over sudden, abrupt change and unexpected and unplanned events, these two are it.

Hence when they “meet up”, as they are now, we can expect something in our lives, or perhaps in the lives of those around us, to change, shift and/or get movement. If change is long overdue in some area of your life, this is certainly an energy that can break up the old pattern and/or your resistance and get things moving. And while this aspect can have a positive influence as far as moving things along, there are some things to be careful of as well.

Avoid rash, impulsive actions, decisions and reactions now and for a few days before and after the 6th, as it is quite possible to not utilize good judgment and exercise common sense under this influence. It is only too easy to feel that whatever appears before you is urgent and must be done or dealt with now, when in reality it most likely could wait until this aspect is gone, which is only a few days.

Also today, Mercury is opposing Neptune, and while this isn't an energy that encourages rash or bold behavior, it can cloud or distort your judgment and impair your ability to think things through and make sound decisions. Hence, the combo of these two occurring on the same day makes this a not great time to act on those things that may require some more thinking through, or investigation.

Bottom line during this time is:

  • To be cautious and use common sense.
  • To not follow your impulses and to practice restraint.
  • To stay mindful and grounded.
  • And to keep in mind that others are feeling this to and most likely won't have this info—so it is up to you to act responsibly and to tread lightly.

One other thing about the Mercury/Neptune opposition—it is a very spacey and ungrounded energy and so given the above, today may not be a very productive one in that things keep pulling you off the task at hand, plus you may just want to stare out the window and daydream anyway.

This is also a good day for creative efforts and can stimulate your imagination. You may also come up with unusual solutions to problems—just think outside the box and try looking at things from a new perspective!

These energies will be felt for at least a couple days before and after 8/6.

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.”
--Issac Newton

August 10 Mercury Enters Virgo Until 8/28

Mercury has a direct impact on how we think, what we think and what we think about what we think, meaning our attitudes, viewpoints and opinions. The sign that it is in colors these things and while it is in Virgo we are inclined to see the trees, not the forest. Further, our mind wants to focus on the details, the fine print and what it is that comprises a project, a task or our day. Hence, this is a good influence for sorting things out by breaking them down into smaller pieces. The trick to really gaining benefit during this time is to not get so caught up in the details and the trivial things that you forget the bigger picture and what it is that you are actually wanting to accomplish.

Overall, this is a time to put your attention on getting organized, prioritizing, planning and getting your ducks in a row through careful analysis and investigation. A good objective now is to see what is useful, practical and has purpose in your life vs what is useless, impractical and no longer has a genuine purpose. This is especially valuable if you include looking at your attitudes and thoughts as well as your space and environment.

A few words of caution here—this placement of Mercury can be critical and judgmental in expressing viewpoints and opinions. So during this time, try to hold the tongue and don't speak words that while they may be clever, may also be hurtful.

The next few days are filled with dynamic and rather intense energies. Here's what's up:

  • On August 16 there is a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 24?21' Aquarius at 2:16 pm PDT.
  • Also on August 16 Mars squares Pluto (which is retrograde) at 28?37' Virgo/Sagittarius.
  • During the Eclipse the Moon is conjunct Uranus
  • Also during the Eclipse the Sun is quincunx Neptune

Sound like a lot? It is. The overall tone of these few days (from at least the 13th through the 18th) is odd and you may feel as though something is off, or is about to happen, though you don't know what. The Moon/Uranus connection now opens us to strong impressions and possibly erratic reactions and emotions. You may be fine one minute and feel queasy and off center the next. And just keeping grounded, focused and centered may be a challenge during these few days (and especially Friday through Sunday).

With the Moon conjunct Uranus at the time of this Eclipse, there is a strong surge of psychic energy. Even if usually you don't consider yourself particularly psychic or impressionable, you may sense and feel things now more than usual. In fact, paying attention to your intuition and instincts is advised, as this will help you to navigate the strong forces at work now. If you don't get a good feeling about something, listen to that and adjust accordingly.

The trick is to not react, nor to believe anything and everything you hear, feel or see. Check things out and call on the strong Virgo energy available now to help with reasoning and analysis. One way of looking at this time frame is that you will be getting information from lots of levels and places—whether internal or external sources. It's as though thoughts, feelings, messages and energy are swirling all around you, which can result in feeling chaotic or confused.

Here are some things to consider as to how to best “be” with these energies:

1. This is a great time to view things from a truly different perspective and to challenge the status quo~especially as this relates to your attitudes.

2. Know that, and even embrace, the ordinary as it may appear quite extraordinary. Hence, this is an opportunity to gain real understanding that was unavailable before because you can now see things that you never had before.

3. While it is possible there may be some global event of major significance under these influences, [I am really eyeing the Olympics during this time] each of us can be of service by sending Light and prayers to others in need. The energies now may well connect us in ways we cannot see but that are very real as the frequencies are raised and as the veils that separate us are lifted.

4. Have faith. Practice kindness.

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”
~Edmund Burke

Some words of caution: the Mars/Pluto square can increase violence as tempers flare and “the cause” drives irrational behavior. Personally, it is most important to use this potent energy in its higher applications, which is for transformation of those things most resistant to change. It is also advised to keep reactive behavior in check as what starts out as something small can escalate quickly. Being willing to compromise your position could save you mountains of troubles as time goes on. Needing to be right vs. doing what is right is usually not the same thing.

And for some good news:

There will be some help during this time in the form of first Mercury trining Jupiter and then Venus trining Jupiter. These aspects will help you to keep a positive outlook and to find just the answer or help right when you need it. And because these trines are occurring in earth signs, it may help to slow you down just enough so as to keep you out of a reactive mode. The key is to consciously seek out this benevolent and protective energy by staying centered as best you can, and considering the best course to take in all your affairs during this time by using analysis and discrimination.

Sending you Blessings and Light,
~Elizabeth Jones

Be sure to also read July 2008: Part Two of AstroCurrents for events previously given and still in effect.

Looking ahead to the latter half of August, here are the celestial events I will be discussing in the next AstroCurrents (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as to when it is up):

  • August 19 Mars enters Libra until 10/3
  • August 22 Sun enters Virgo at 11:02 am PDT
  • August 28 Mercury enters Libra until 11/4
  • August 30 Venus enters Libra until 9/23
  • August 30 New Moon at 7?48' Virgo at 12:58 pm PDT

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