AstroCurrents for June 2008: Part Two - Focus on Summer Solstice, Nurturing, New Information and the Celebration of Life

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”
~Sally Koch

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign:

June 18 Venus enters Cancer until 7/12

This placement of Venus can help you to de-stress through simple pleasures that focus on home and family. Connect with those you love and care about in simple ways that are easy and pleasurable during this time. A day at the spa, a pot luck dinner, a walk in nature or a picnic in your local park are the types of things that will get you in touch with the nurturing that is central and most in tune with this energy.

You may feel inspired to bring color and life into your home and environment through gardening, plants, color, crystals or through rearranging rooms or even redecorating or remodeling. Putting together your photos or doing a collage of your family is another way to access Venus in Cancer in a positive and sweet way. These things can nurture you and those around you, which is important to do during this time.

You may find you are feeling a bit of nostalgia as your memories of days gone past arise. Perhaps reconnecting with a friend from your childhood or a family member you haven't spoken with in a while is in order. You may find you are more willing to express your caring and love during this time.

Overall, anything that nurtures you, as well as others, is good to focus on now. Spending time in nature, or reading a novel or poetry or getting a massage, or spending some extra time beautifying your home or with your family would all be rejuvenating and refreshing now. Take some time to smell (and appreciate) the roses!

June 18 Full Moon at 27°50' Sagittarius at 10:31 am PDT

With this Full Moon so close to Pluto, you are compelled to seek information in unconventional ways and in perhaps “secret” or “forbidden” places. Look for clues, keys and answers in places you wouldn't ordinarily look, such as below the surface or perhaps hidden amongst the obvious. Ask the Universe for pertinent and helpful insights to assist you—just be willing to hear the truth. Some mental house cleaning may be in order.

Here are some good questions to ask during this Full Moon:

  • Am I willing to accept new aspects of truth when I hear it?
  • Do I hold on too tight to my beliefs to allow in new perspectives and information?
  • Am I really open-minded?

Here are some ways to utilize and best use the dynamic energies during this Full Moon:

  • Independent thinking is a wonderful tool available now. Don't believe everything you hear or read. Check it out first!
  • Avoid being reactive, confrontive, or rebellious. Don't force your opinions or ideas on others. Listen carefully before speaking or acting in sensitive situations.
  • Look for ways to increase your understanding in tangible, lasting ways.
  • Be open and willing to change your mind.

June 19 Mercury SD at 12°58' Gemini at 7:31 am PDT
Mercury in Gemini from May 2 until July 10th.

Mercury going direct opens the doors for all forms of communications to take place in a more direct and easy manner. The mind seems to function better, we are less scattered and it is with greater ease that you express yourself. One thing you may notice is that during the week or so after Mercury stations direct there seems to be lots to do in the arena of returning phone calls, answering emails, making and/or adjusting plans, appointments, agendas and timetables, etc. All of this is a result of things getting a little crazy in these ways during the time that Mercury was retrograde (from 5/26 to 6/19). So it is good to allow some time to just pull things back together and to get the decks cleared for the few days following the station direct.

Emphasized now and until 7/10 are:

  • Your thoughts, attitudes, conversations and words - both written and spoken.
  • How mentally flexible and adaptable you are.
  • Whether you are open-minded and invite in new ideas and other people's perspectives.
  • How well you listen and respond with both neutrality and concern to what another says or shares with you.

You may find that you are taking in a lot of new information during this time. And in fact, this is a good time to gather the facts and info needed for your various projects, interests and whatever you are focusing on these days. Make notes as you take all this new info in, as you may want to refer back to what you learned or found out at some point in the future.

June 20 Sun enters Cancer at 4:59 pm PDT (Summer Solstice) until July 21st

The Sun's entry into the sign of Cancer marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. It is a time of celebrating the Life Force as it expresses in, through and around us. The Light is strong and vibrant as the longest day of the year arrives and is a testament to the strength of the Sun's life-giving and sustaining energy. We are now reminded that the Light triumphs over darkness. It is a time to plant your own seeds of the life you are wanting to create in the next cycle or phase of your life, and then to nourish those seeds through this life-giving season.

The themes that arise and get our attention during the Sun's annual 30-day visit in Cancer are: your home and family, your foundations in life, children, what nourishes you and how you extend your nurturing to others. Emotions and feelings are strong now as you seek to express your need to love and be loved. And to belong…

To read more about how this shift to Cancer impacts us all, read Cancer Traits in Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

June 21 Mars opposite Neptune retrograde at 24°04' Leo/Aquarius

This aspect can create confusion or even chaos for a few days as long as you try to work things out through the ego and personal interests, rather than through a higher and more Universal perspective. You may notice that the ego is in some way needing to realign with your higher vision, requiring you release your personal (egoic) agendas. In doing so, you are better able to see and know what is the best for all involved in any given situation. The key is to let go and not force your own desires onto whatever is going on. Try to be in the flow as that is really the best way to work with these energies.

There are forces at work now that can mend bridges, heal you in some way and open you to Spirit and to knowing yourself and others in new and meaningful ways.

Some may feel unmotivated, have low energy or feel more tired than usual for the few days before and after this event. It is best to not force yourself too much and get rest as needed. Know that this won't last long and that sometimes it is important to just not push yourself.

One other thing—pay extra attention to those things that come out of the clear blue as this may be just what is needed, and perhaps even what you had asked for.

June 26 Uranus stations retrograde at 22°39' Pisces until 11/27

Uranus stations retrograde once a year and when it does, it can feel as though you are standing on shifting ground (in fact, it rules earthquakes). You may feel ungrounded or off center for the few days surrounding this event. Don't be surprised if you are scattered, forgetful or if it is difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Uranus is all about upsetting the apple cart as is needed to wake us up from our slumber and unconsciousness. Another way to put this is it is the energy in the Zodiac that can get you out of ruts or habits that don't serve you or that holds you back, and keeps you from feeling alive and connected. This is a time of great change and this Uranus station can accelerate the energies to such a degree that change is the only natural next step.

It is good to be the observer now and not to react. Once things calm down in the days and weeks to come, you will have gained greater clarity about your vision and purpose and a new direction comes forward. Find the eye of the storms that may arise now, whether internal or external.

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”
~Japanese Proverb

June 30 Mars trines Pluto retrograde at 29°34' Leo/Sagittarius

This can be a most dynamic energy that can help to get you motivated, giving new momentum and energy to a project or some aspect of your life that has felt stuck in some way—in essence, this may be just what is needed to get going.

Some keywords and ideas for describing and tuning into for this dynamic energy are:

  • Actions taken now may require courage, yet will also supply this very thing.
  • Deep transformations of either your own self or of a project or in any area of your life are possible now.
  • Connecting to what is authentic and honest and real is now possible.
  • Strong sexual and sensual forces are in the air. Find loving and healthy ways to express them.
  • Completion or the fulfillment of cycles, tasks, projects may be at hand, thus opening the pathways to new cycles and life phases.

Awareness and mindfulness will help you to tap into the positive and constructive power of this Mars/Pluto aspect. Resistance to change, stubbornness and unconsciousness may be an invitation for the lower energies of power struggles, conflicts and too much intensity in some way to express. The power of CHOICE is the key!

There are many influences still in effect from the last issue of AstroCurrents, so be sure and read June Astrology Influences: Part One.

Sending you Blessings and Light,
~Elizabeth Jones

Looking ahead to July AstroCurrents, here are some of the celestial events I will be discussing (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as to when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  • July 1 Mars enters Virgo until 8/19
  • July 2 New Moon at 11°32' Cancer at 7:18 pm PDT
  • July 10 Mars conjunct Saturn at 5°25' Virgo
  • July 10 Mercury enters Cancer until 7/26
  • July 12 Venus enters Leo until 8/5*
  • July 18 Full Moon at 26°04' Capricorn at 12:59 am PDT
  • July 22 Sun enters Leo at 3:54 am PDT
  • July 26 Mercury enters Leo until 8/10
  • July 26 Mars trine Jupiter retrograde at 15°17' Virgo/Capricorn

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