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AstroCurrents for May 2008: Part Two - Two Full Moons, Mercury Retrograde, and Sun Enters Gemini

“You may be sorry that you spoke, sorry you stayed or went, sorry you won or lost, sorry so much was spent. But as you go through life, you'll find – you're never sorry you were kind.”
--Herbert Prochnow

May 19 Full Moon at 29°26' Scorpio at 7:11 pm PDT

It is rare to have two Full Moons in the same sign in the same year, but that is what this Full Moon is and this gives it particular importance in the areas it rules. During this 2nd Scorpio Full Moon (the first one was on 4/20), it is essential to let go of whatever is holding you back from fully expressing and sharing your talents and gifts. Insecurities that keep you from doing so will come to the surface. Challenge these with courage and inner strength available now. Know that you are worthy and of true value.

Some pertinent questions to consider now are:

  • Am I making the best use of the resources available to me? This includes your talents, gifts and abilities as well as any financial assets you have
  • Am I willing to share who I am, what I know and what I have?
  • Are there things I am holding onto that may be holding me back?

This potent Scorpio Full Moon reminds us that frugality and simplicity are keys to abundance. It is good to remember and say often: I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.

A word of caution: be careful not to overspend or over-indulge in an attempt to meet your needs to be nurtured and accepted.

May 20 Sun enters Gemini at 9:01 am PDT (until June 20th)

The themes that arise and get attention during the Sun's annual 30-day visit in Gemini are: your natural curiosity, the quality and effectiveness of your communicating, your thoughts and ideas and how you allow them to impact you~for good or bad.

To read more about how this shift to Gemini impacts us all, read the Gemini Characteristics in Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

“Around here, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we are curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
--Walt Disney

May 24 Venus enters Gemini until 6/18

Venus here opens us to a time when you can more easily express how you feel. Words come just as you need them. Ideas and imagination flow, as this placement stimulates imagery. This is great for all things social, as people love to get together under this influence and talk and share.

There are some cautions here:

  • Avoid being fickle or gossipy, as this placement can encourage both
  • Keep grounded and realistic as you make your decisions. Be sure to include sound judgment and reason, as Venus here can send you off on unrealistic tangents.
  • Choose your words carefully. Don't embellish things just for effect.
  • Affairs of the heart are somewhat unpredictable now, as things can change on a dime. It is best to keep things light in that department.

Mercury is in Gemini from May 2 until July 10th. And will turn retrograde on May 26 at 21°32' Gemini until 6/19

Most enjoy Mercury's annual stay in Gemini because our mind seems to “work better” and conversations flow with greater ease. This is because Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and is most comfortable here.

Emphasized during this time are:

  • Your thoughts, attitudes, conversations and words~both written and spoken.
  • How mentally flexible and adaptable you are.
  • Whether you are open-minded and invite in new ideas and other people's perspectives.
  • How well you listen and respond with both neutrality and concern to what another says to or shares with you.

As stated above, Mercury stations retrograde at about 8 in the morning (PDT) until June 19th. Here are some ideas as to what to do prior to its station:

  • Try to make important arrangements, travel plans, sign contracts and have plans in motion prior to this time.
  • Make major purchases you are considering
  • Have important talks or conversations that will impact the future
  • If you are unable to do the above before the Mercury station, consider that perhaps more information is needed or that other things have to happen before those plans can be firmed up or that contract signed. These are excellent things to do while Mercury is retrograde.

This will be quite a potent retrograde because Mercury rules Gemini. Here are some possible things that can occur while it is retrograde, and ideas about how to “remedy” them:

  • Communications go awry, misunderstandings occur more frequently or with greater consequences, you feel unheard
  • Try: to make an extra effort to really listen. Slow down while speaking (or listening). Don't talk over someone while they are talking. Write things down so you can refer back to them if need be.
  • You have trouble getting and/or stayed focused. You wander off on tangents.
  • Try: doing one thing at a time (aka don't multitask). Make lists every day of what must be done and what you would like to get done. Remember, they are not the usually the same.
  • You have trouble grasping concepts or new ideas.
  • Try: looking at how flexible and adaptable you really are on the matter. Do you have a hidden agenda? Are you being rigid and unwilling to change? Now is a great time to make shifts in these areas, try on new ideas, and consider new options.
  • You feel spacey, unnerved or overwhelmed
  • Try: writing or journaling your thoughts and feelings. Try the “stream of consciousness” approach; meaning just allow whatever comes to mind. It doesn't have to make sense. Just get it on paper. Take deep breaths~lots of them.
  • Also try: drawing, coloring or doing a collage. Images can speak and express for us when words can't.
  • You are having problems making up your mind. You are seeing every side to an issue and they all have their point. Decisions are impossible!
  • Try: to see if you are rushing making a decision when perhaps you don't really need to. Also, consider that you just need more information before making that decision. And, consider that perhaps you do know the answer, you just don't like the answer. If this is the case, try being more flexible and open-minded.

There are some good things about to do while Mercury is retrograde. Here are some ideas:

  • It is a great time to reconsider things. To explore new options. To open yourself to other ways of seeing and doing things. Just don't take action or make important decisions until Mercury has gone direct on June 19th (unless you really do need to, of course).
  • It is a wonderful time to lighten up. Not take things so seriously. Be more whimsical. Read lighter topics or a good adventure or fantasy novel.
  • It is also a wonderful time for unstructured thought and even wild imaginings. Let your mind go. Get creative. And be sure to write down anything you may want to access or remember later.
  • Don't take things so personally or seriously. Really try to see the lighter side of things. You don't have to know everything or have everything figured out NOW.

May 26 Neptune SR at 24°15' Aquarius until 11/2

Whenever one of the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) station, the effects are subtle, yet very real. Meaning, you may sense things, get impressions, have changes in your sleep patterns and have intense emotions that may not have a known origin. And this is all especially true when Neptune, the planet that rules things unseen, stations retrograde.

During the several days, even weeks, surrounding this station, you may feel any of the following:

  • Spacey and ungrounded.
  • A vague sense of apprehension, anxiety or hopelessness.
  • Tired, unmotivated at times, lethargic.
  • Drawn to things that are more “imaginary than real.”
  • Want to/need to/feel compelled to escape the realities of life, feeling things are “just too much to bare.”

But wait! There is hope! You just have to turn your attention in a higher direction. Here are some things to either try or at least keep in mind (where you focus now is critical):

  • Neptune is often telling us we need to take a break from “reality: So, take some time off…rent a movie, color or paint, listen to a symphony
  • Neptune rules spiritual practices and so take time to meditate, pray, read things that inspire you, call on your Angels.
  • Ponder the mysteries of life. Look at the night sky. Consider what is magical and miraculous about Life.
  • Seek out help and support if you feel you need it. Don't try to “do it alone”.
  • Miracles are ruled by Neptune and so open yourself to them, and be willing to not have a picture of how that might look. Expect the unexpected.
  • Have Faith, have Hope, Believe. All is well.

All the way to Heaven is Heaven.”
--St. Theresa of Avila

“And this, too, is God.”

Sending you Blessings and Light,

~Elizabeth Jones

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Looking ahead to June AstroCurrents, here are some of the celestial events I will be discussing (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as to when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  1. June 3 New Moon at 13°34' Gemini at 12:22 pm PDT
  2. June 13 Pluto re-enters Sagittarius until 11/26
  3. June 18 Venus enters Cancer until 7/12
  4. June 18 Full Moon at 27°50' Sagittarius at 10:31 am PDT
  5. June 19 Mercury SD at 12°58' Gemini until 9/24
  6. June 20 Sun enters Cancer at 4:59 pm PDT (Summer Solstice)
  7. June 21 Mars opposite Neptune® at 24°04' Leo/Aquarius
  8. June 26 Uranus SR at 22°39' Pisces until 11/27
  9. June 30 Mars trine Pluto® at 29°34' Leo/Sagittarius

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