AstroCurrents for April 2008: Part One - Focus on Cause and Effect, Transformation, Breaking Down of Old Systems, and New Beginnings

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
--Winston Churchill

March 19 Sun enters Aries at 10:48 pm PDT (Spring Equinox)

The Sun entering Aries signifies the beginning of Spring and the beginning of the Zodiac New Year. New energy is ushered in that can inspire us to start anew. Hence, this is a great time to start projects, make plans for the future and to take steps towards new directions.

A sense of forward movement is at hand and many will feel the impulse to get active and do something! It is important now to be conscious as to where you are directing this energy as the law of cause and effort is strong now.

To read more about how this shift to Aries impacts us all, read April's Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

April 2 Pluto stations retrograde at 1°08’ Capricorn until 9/8

Pluto will be stationing retrograde today until September 8th. The impact of this station is approximately mid-March to the end of April. Some things will feel intense and perhaps out of your control during this time. While this may be true, it is most important to notice what these events are asking of you, as it is likely that they are catalyst for changes that can be transformative at deep levels. Read on…

Each sign rules different areas of our life, and whatever these are go through great upheavals and transformations when Pluto is in that sign, which as of late January is Capricorn (it will be there until 2023, except for a few months later this year when it re-enters Sag). Hence, while Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, we can expect major changes to occur in those areas ruled by this sign. And during Pluto’s long stay in Capricorn, there will be times when its impact will be more strongly felt than others. And this first station of Pluto since entering Capricorn in January is one of them. As you read on, keep in mind that the influence of this event is going to be felt most of March and all of April.

Let’s recap what Capricorn rules, and thus the areas most likely to be impacted:

  • the economy, corporations and business,
  • government policy, influence and actions at all levels (local, national and world),
  • societal laws and regulations,
  • the basic structure and foundation of your life, that which you rely and depend on, providing you with a sense of security
  • what gives you purpose and direction
  • your career, work, goals and plans

As Pluto begins its long journey through the sign of Capricorn, there will be many existing systems that will go through Plutonic-like transformations. Agencies and organizations that have been trying to keep certain aspects of their dealings and intentions “hidden” or away from public view will very possibly find themselves in the midst of a scandal or investigation. Those that are especially in need of transforming, yet resist this, may very likely crumble or cease to exist altogether under the pressure. Since Capricorn rules the most basic foundations of any existing structure, Pluto’s influence here will bring about events of a huge significance as time goes on. Further, the sign of Capricorn also rules karma and the results of past actions. Nothing goes unaccounted for and so now, and in the next few years, is surely to be a time of atonement for past actions.

At esoteric and spiritual levels, Capricorn has rulership over the Universal Logos* and how they manifest on our physical plane of existence. These laws and principles are eternal and unchangeable, and very often are not known by most, or if they are known, ignored as one tries to interpret them in such a way as to validate their behavior and beliefs. What is most important to consider now is that these Universal Logos will always “self-correct” at some point in time, restoring balance and re-establishing equilibrium; meaning, whatever occurred that was not in accordance with these fundamental Laws will be revealed and then a process will ensue that will eventually reinstate the natural order of things. This is a very complex topic, and one I am not going to expand on at this time, but that I will be addressing further in future AstroCurrents.

It is more than apparent that many, many events have occurred in the past that were not in accordance with these Laws. And now that Pluto, The Great Transformer and Bringer of Light, is in the sign that in essence rules those very Laws, a time is at hand for this cycle of transformation and cleansing resulting in cultural, economic, governmental and environmental change to begin.

We can already see the signs of this happening. An economy is now in existence that is not based on either the Earth’s or its inhabitants essential well-being~which are primary aspects of the Logos~is starting to break down under these Plutonian energies. And we are only at the start. It is important, and perhaps hopeful, to remember that to the degree our lives are founded in these natural Universal Logos*, is the degree we will feel secure, at peace, contentment and connected to life.

This station of Pluto is occurring at the “critical” first degree of Capricorn, which will intensify the energies. If you have planets or certain points in your chart that are being impacted at this critical degree, then you are likely feeling this intensifying in very personal ways. A reading will reveal this, and also give you information as to not only how long this will last, but ways to work with the present influences.

If you are not experiencing a “direct hit” from this station, and are feeling this intensification, one of two things could be occurring. First, you may have some other planetary transit impacting you. And second, you may be picking up the overall energies in a less personal, but still potent, way.

Here is a recap of the influence of this Pluto station:

  • Things come to the surface that have been hidden.
  • What you have outgrown, or that no longer serves your spiritual journey and evolution, comes to light.
  • Increased feelings of overwhelm, panic or fear or a general, non-specific unease may occur during this time.
  • It becomes increasingly clear that some basic restructuring of your life is necessary.
  • Themes that come to your attention now are completions, atonement of karmic cycles, death, rebirth, renewal, deep healing, regeneration, and a focus on what is most essential to you feeling alive.

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
--Howard Thurman

Keys to dealing with or making the most of this powerful energy (many of these apply during any strong Pluto influence):

  • Know that all things must end and that includes times of difficulty.
  • Move in the direction of greater simplicity and away from complexity as is possible.
  • Develop a strong faith in the benevolence of the Universe (“This is happening for me not too me” is a great motto now).
  • Release, let go, and most important, be willing to change and evolve.
  • Surround yourself, your loved ones, your work and decisions and thoughts and feelings in Light as this will raise the frequency and bring you into greater alignment with Universal Law and Principles.
  • See this as a chance to reinvent yourself!

*NOTE: The Logos of the Universe have been stated as the basic precepts in many, many formats throughout man’s age-old attempt to understand the Universe and his/her place in it. While I do not pretend to have anything close to a thorough understanding of them, I have personally found that studying certain teachings have helped me to grasp these principles, thus giving me a sense of them. Again, there are many such teachings in every tradition and culture known. If you are interested in learning more, a good place to start is The Science of Being, by Baron Eugene Fersen. Also, the basic precepts of any world religion each offer their own take on this. I will add that in my own exploration of these things, it is critically important to enter such studies with two things in mind: one is to stay open-minded and two is to seek the common themes and essential truths between all great teachings, as they are certainly there.

April 2 Mercury enters Aries until 4/17

April 5 New Moon at 16°43’ Aries at 8:55 pm PDT

April 5 Venus enters Aries until 4/30

During these few days there is a strong influx of Aries energy taking place. Many will feel an urge to begin new projects, and take on new tasks and ventures. Take the initiative, be daring and embark on those things that require self-confidence and fiery enthusiasm, as this is the energy available now.

While Mercury is in Aries, thoughts come quickly, it is easier to be decisive and conversations are lively. Do be careful not to talk over others, make rash decisions without the necessary facts or get ahead of yourself and commit to something carelessly.

The New Moon in Aries is a perfect time to start off in some new direction. Opening to new ideas that are sure to be present now is a great way to tune into this energy. Life is meant to be exciting and lived with passion. And this is a time that is especially true. Plant with precision seeds that will bring these qualities into your life as the life force that will bring them forth is strong now. Do be careful not to move too fast as impatience and carelessness is possible.

While Venus is here, affairs of the heart get a boost as far as going after what you want is concerned. It can be too easy to be a bit selfish now, so keep an eye out for that. And don't rush in too fast with your heart wide open…wait until you see that you will be received or you may get a rude welcome you didn't see coming. This is a great time for your unique creative endeavors to get a boost, and in fact many feel an increased need for some form of self-expression.

Enjoy these dynamic energies by seeing what is possible and will add excitement to your life. There is a special kind of magic in the air. Go for it! Just remember to listen, give and receive and stay open to the positive view of things.

I send you Blessings and Light during this time of renewal,

~Elizabeth Jones

Looking ahead to April AstroCurrents-part 2, here are some of the events I will be discussing (be sure to send me an email if you would like to be notified as to when the new AstroCurrents is up):

  • April 17 Mercury enters Taurus until 5/2
  • April 19 Sun enters Taurus at 9:51 am PDT
  • April 20 Full Moon at 0°43’ Scorpio at 3:25 am PDT
  • April 22 Mars trine Uranus at 21°02’ Cancer/Pisces
  • April 24 Mars opposite Jupiter at 22°01’ Cancer/Capricorn
  • April 30 Venus enters Taurus until 5/24

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