AstroCurrents for March 2008 - Part Two: Focus on New Directions, Relationships, Limitations, and Letting Go

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“He who reforms himself has done much toward reforming others.”

March 19 Sun enters Aries at 10:48 pm PDT (Spring Equinox)

The Sun entering Aries signifies the beginning of Spring and the beginning of the Zodiac New Year. New energy is ushered in that can inspire us to start anew. Hence, this is a great time to start projects, make plans for the future and to take steps towards new directions.

A sense of forward movement is at hand and many will feel the impulse to get active and do something! It is important now to be conscious as to where you are directing this energy as the law of cause and effort is strong now.

To read more about how this shift to Aries impacts us all, read Aries Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

March 21 Sun square Pluto at 1:36 am PDT at 1°06’ Aries/Capricorn

March 21 Full Moon at 1°31’ Libra at 11:40 am PDT

The basic message during these few days: With Easter occurring so close to Spring this year, the themes of death and rebirth are strong. In order to feel and know the invigorating and renewing impulse put forth now, you must face the old aspects of self that are blocking the expression of this new energy.

This Full Moon will generate strong energies that most will, and already are, feeling. It is part of a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs involving a Mars/Pluto opposition, and it is occurring on the Equinox. Very potent indeed! This may make interactions with others somewhat strained, as emotions run high.

The themes present now are:

  • relationships and the dynamics between self and other
  • the universal law of cause and effect, or “You reap what you sow”
  • what stands in your way of genuine forward movement and growth
  • letting go of fear, blame, guilt, etc. in order to allow renewal and space for a higher purpose and vibration to enter your life

Full Moons open the doorways of your perception and can illuminate what is in the shadows of your psyche. And this is especially true during this full moon because of the influence of Pluto, the planet that best reveals what is hidden. During the influence of this full moon, you may need to face that shadow in some way. Yet know that Light is available to see what must be seen in order to move into this new cycle.

Some things to consider are:

  • what pattern or habit or belief have you out grown and no longer serves you?
  • where do you allow fear to hold you back?
  • what would you do if you let go of that fear?
  • feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of the energies being ushered in now (remember to call on the Light to give you courage and to assist you in seeing through illusion to clarity)

While these are not new themes for many, they are important to give conscious attention to from time to time. Journaling or discussing them will be most revealing under these influences.

“You cannot slide uphill.”

Pluto rules transition, transformation, death, endings and renewal. In fact, dealing with death in some way may be up now. Facing the inevitability of our own mortality is a powerful vantage from which to view the present moment. Notice where you place your attention and how you use your time and energy. Pluto is a great teacher in this regard and reminds us that letting go of the old self is the only path to renewal. To engage willingly in this natural process is the key to allowing in the life force that is strong and seeking expression at this time.

Key points about this full moon aspecting Pluto:

This influence will be felt for at least a week before and two weeks after the actual full moon on 3/21.

Themes present now are: relationships, agreements (with self and others), the cycle of death~transformation~renewal, facing what you must release in order to grow and evolve

  • Looking at what revitalizes and energies you and then taking steps to move in that direction
  • Releasing old patterns, habits, beliefs and/or attitudes that keep you stuck
  • Keeping focused on what creates balance in your life and staying out of extremes
  • Keeping honesty and integrity a top priority

Keys to keeping it together are to not over-extend yourself, listen and notice carefully what is happening in your environment and to allow for change of plans at the drop of a hat!

Mercury and Venus in Pisces during this time offer keys to dealing with the intensity present now as it helps to soften your tone and opens the doors to compassion & empathy.

Don't over react as this is a real possibility now. Stay true to yourself without stepping on toes. Sometimes saying nothing is best.

For info on the energies and influences of all 25 new and full moons in 2008, check out the 2008 Lunations Guide.

April 2 Pluto stations retrograde at 1°08’ Capricorn until 9/8

Pluto will be stationing retrograde today until September 8th. The impact of this station has been in effect since the week prior to the full moon on March 21st. Things will feel intense perhaps out of your own control. While this may be true, it is most important to notice what these events are asking of you, as it is very likely that they are catalyst for changes that can be transformative at deep levels.

I will be writing more on this event, and the other most significant celestial events taking place in April, in next month’s AstroCurrents.

I send you Blessings and Light during this time of renewal,

~Elizabeth Jones

Looking ahead to April AstroCurrents, here are some of the events I will be discussing:

  • April 2 Pluto stations retrograde at 1°08’ Capricorn until 9/8
  • April 2 Mercury enters Aries until 4/17
  • April 5 New Moon at 16°43’ Aries at 8:55 pm PDT
  • April 5 Venus enters Aries until 4/30
  • April 17 Mercury enters Taurus until 5/2
  • April 19 Sun enters Taurus at 9:51 am PDT
  • April 20 Full Moon at 0°43’ Scorpio at 3:25 am PDT
  • April 22 Mars trine Uranus at 21°02’ Cancer/Pisces
  • April 24 Mars opposite Jupiter at 22°01’ Cancer/Capricorn
  • April 30 Venus enters Taurus until 5/24

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