AstroCurrents for March 2008 - Part One: Focus on Nostalgia, Sensitivity, and the Home

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

Below is listed March AstroCurrents.

Shine the light, don't hide the light, live the light, and give the light, Seek the light, and speak the light, crave the light, and brave the light, Stare the light, and share the light, show the light, and know the light, Raise the light, and praise the light, thread the light, and spread the light.”
--Glen Hansard, lyrics from "This Low"

February 18 until March 19, Sun is in Pisces - While the Sun is in Pisces, we are drawn within to reflect on the last year and on what we have experienced. As we do this, it is advised to forgive and release, as this will clear us for the new cycle beginning at the Spring Equinox on March 19th/20th. To read more about how this shift to Pisces impacts us all, read Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

March 4 Mars enters Cancer until 5/9 - During Mars stay in Cancer, our focus gravitates towards our home, family and roots. The activity level in your home is likely to increase. It is a good time to work on those home Spring projects, such as getting the garden beds ready for planting, cleaning out the garage or doing a thorough window cleaning.

For some, the home may be somewhat chaotic and hectic during this time. Unexpected company arrives, the house just won't stay neat or your new neighbor seems to be hosting an on-going party. Mars can stir things up wherever it visits so expect there to be a tornado here or there on the home front during this time.

Emotionally, this can be a challenging time as Mars stirs up things in this realm as well. You may notice that your feelings are closer to the surface and that you feel more vulnerable. It is good to remember that others are likely feeling this way, too, so give them the benefit of the doubt if they seem ultra sensitive or over reactive.

This placement of Mars can impact our interactions with those we live or work with as well our families and extended families. Be sure to proceed gently when interacting with those closest to you, especially if the subject is a sensitive one. Some extra attention given to nurturing and letting those you care about how you feel is advised and can help a lot now.

This can also bring forth memories and nostalgic feelings as you find yourself reflecting on the past. A trip down memory lane can trigger these feelings, and to a degree can help to explain your increased sensitivity of late. You may find yourself putting together photo albums, scrapbooks or your child's baby book (even though they are now 16!), which would all be good creative expressions while Mars is in Cancer. Do be careful not to get lost in regret or remorse.

Key points during the time of Mars in Cancer:

  • you may feel very emotional and nostalgic
  • feelings are close to the surface
  • this is a time of feeling more sensitive and fragile
  • activity in the home increases
  • some repairs to your home may be needed during this time

March 7 Mars opposite Pluto at 0°58' Cancer/Capricorn NOTE: This aspect also occurred on 1/2/08 in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. It is possible that some event that took place then comes into play now.

This is a volatile energy and I suggest you be extra careful during its influence (3/3 to 3/9). Mars and Pluto are both known to be quite the troublemakers of the zodiac under certain astrological circumstances and this is certainly one of them. There is a tendency to be rash and even careless. Emotions run strong and deep as many could be feeling extra edgy, touchy and/or irritable.

One area that issues are likely to occur is in the dynamics between home and work. Obligations or deadlines in one or the other may create tensions as things get thrown out of balance due to stress, too much to do and/or misunderstandings. Striving for that balance now may prove trying and require some extra effort and finesse.

It is important not to rush through your days now. In fact, just slowing down, using common sense and being mindful will help to mitigate possible difficulties now. Further, it is advised that you avoid making important decisions or agreements during this time if possible. Events have charts, just as we do, and an agreement made now would likely be riddled with difficulty as time goes on. It is also advised to not take on more than you can handle now so as to not feel rushed or pushed into trying to make unrealistic deadlines or appointments.

Key points about this aspect:

  • this is a volatile energy which many will feel
  • try to stay grounded and calm as it would be easy to make mountains out of molehills
  • don't attempt doing those things that are somewhat hazardous (such as getting Frisbees off the roof) during these few days (3/3 to 3/9)
  • find a focus and stick to it as this will help to ground and direct the energy in positive and constructive ways
  • if you do the above, a lot can be accomplished now!

The best way to handle these potent and potentially difficult energies is to slow down, keep centered, don't say anything rash or likely to create conflict and just wait it out.

March 7 New Moon at 17°31' Pisces at 9:14 am PST

This new moon is conjunct Uranus~the planet that rules all things unpredictable. Hence, there is a most dynamic, changeable and intriguing vibe in the air now. Psychic energy is strong and the “veils are thin” between realms. Seek the mystical with your Universal heart. Magic is in the air!

Key points about this new moon:

  • This is a great time to plant seeds deep within and for asking your higher self and Guides for guidance and a renewal of Faith.
  • Wonderful opportunities and some intriguing options may present themselves during this time~stay open to them and choose your direction wisely
  • Be careful not to move forward without really looking first. While having Faith is wonderful, acting on blind faith is often not the right course of action.
  • Don't believe everything you see or feel!

March 9 Day Light Savings begins at 2:00 am-USA Set your clocks forward on Saturday night!

March 12 Venus enters Pisces until 4/5*

March 14 Mercury enters Pisces until 4/2

It is rather rare that both Venus and Mercury travel through the same sign for about the same period of time as it is this year in the sign of Pisces. I would suggest that you re-read Pisces MTT for additional information as to what to expect during this time with an extra focus on the sign of Pisces, which we will all be feeling.

While Venus is in Pisces, you may feel especially inclined towards being openhearted, wanting to reach with a helping hand to others, especially those less fortunate than you. Venus rules how we love and Pisces is the sign that rules giving that is of an unconditional nature. Finding ways to be of service will enhance this energy. And, of course, offering a help to those nearby, in your home or circle of friends, is a great way to use this most benevolent energy. You may find that it is easier to be kind and gentle now.

Mercury in Pisces can make for some interesting conversations, as Pisces rules that which is mystical and other-worldly. You may notice that your intuition and imagination are stronger now. Expect feelings and impressions about things, people and places to come out of nowhere. In fact, this is a great time to put some extra effort in developing and using your intuition.

There are a few things to watch out for during this time of a greater Pisces influence, such as:

  • being unrealistic or too idealistic
  • being too gullible as these energies can incline you towards believing anything with less proof~so if it's too good to be true, maybe it isn't!
  • you may feel spacey or ungrounded and have difficulty focusing
  • feeling tired and needing more rest than usual
  • Key points during the time Venus and Mercury are in Pisces (3/12 to 4/5)
  • this can be a most inspiring and spiritual time
  • messages and insights can arrive from any place now~watch for them!
  • your dream activity increases~again, watch for messages and symbols in them now
  • take time for reflection, spiritual practice, prayer and meditation
  • music and the arts are great expressions for these wonderful energies and can be very healing

Blessings and Light until mid-month,
Elizabeth Jones

March AstroCurrents Part II, here are some of the events you will learn about in Part Two:

  • March 19* Sun enters Aries at 10:48 pm PDT (Spring Equinox)
  • March 21 Sun square Pluto at 1:36 am PDT at 1°06' Aries/Capricorn
  • March 21 Full Moon at 1°31' Libra at 11:40 am PDT

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