AstroCurrents for January 2008 - Part One: Taking Precautions, Sense of Community, Getting in Touch with Your Goals

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

The events listed here are for the beginning of January. Please check back as the month progresses for additional updates.

January 2 Mars opposite Pluto at 1:28 pm PST (29°12' Gemini/Sagittarius). This is a most volatile energy, one that I am going to strongly suggest you be most careful during its influence (12/31 to 1/5 at least). Mars and Pluto are both known to be quite problematic under certain astrological circumstances and this is certainly one of them. Be extremely careful in all your communications and avoid making agreements during this time if possible.

Many will be feeling edgy, irritable and reactive during this time. It is most important to not take on more than you can handle now so as to not feel rushed or pushed into meeting deadlines or making appointments. The best way to handle these potent and potentially difficult energies is to slow down, don't say anything rash or likely to create conflict, stay grounded and just wait it out. It may go without saying that during the influence of this energy, there could be something going on in the news that is explosive and/or violent in nature.

January 7 Mercury enters Aquarius at 8:46 pm until 3/14/08. Mercury here can open the doors to humanitarian concerns taking center stage. Our attention is drawn to the global community in some way, or perhaps even our own communities and neighbors. Our minds can be quite innovative and creative in nature, coming up with all kinds of interesting ideas and even solutions to long-standing issues or problems. Now is a good time to think outside the box and be willing to view things from different, unique and new angles and perspectives.

NOTE: Mercury will be retrograde while in Aquarius, from 1/28 until 2/18-more on that later!

"Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."
--David Lloyd Geroge

January 8 New Moon at 3:37 am (17°33' Capricorn). This being the first New Moon (and in Capricorn) of the year is a great time for beginnings and for initiating or starting projects. If you are looking for a time to plant seed ideas and make goals for the year, this is a good day to do so. Spend some time reflecting on what you must leave behind (such as limiting beliefs, old habits or defeating patterns) in order to enter this new cycle of promise.

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