AstroCurrents for December - Part Two: Good Fortune, Accomplishment, Breaking Habits, Sentiment, Optimism & the Winter Solstice

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"
--Dr. Robert Schuller

December 18 Jupiter enters Capricorn at 12:12 pm PST until 1/5/09. Jupiter will be in Capricorn all of 2008 and for the first time since 1996. Since Jupiter is the planet most associated with good fortune, and even luck, and Capricorn the sign most associated with business, this may well be helpful for the economy in general. A profitable year is especially likely for those businesses that offer a genuine service or product based on solid business practices. In fact, this placement is wonderful for establishing or expanding a small or medium sized business whose foundations are based on honesty, simplicity, truth and incorporating a back-to-basics approach. Success may well be found through studying and implementing the business ethics and practices of a few decades ago. The buying public will more and more be seeking out those products and services that are sound, of high quality, well built, safe, genuinely helpful, a good value and/or will basically perform as promised.

Personally, Jupiter in Capricorn will be a time of reward and success for those who have put forth honest efforts in the past, or who do so throughout this year. In other words, your hard work and sincere efforts may well pay off at some point during this year. Some keys are to take those great ideas you came up with, or thought a lot about, during the past year or two, develop a plan and then stick with it. You will find that this years planetary placements are going to be most helpful towards being able to bring your plans and schemes into existence.

While this is certainly true for business ventures, it is also true for other things requiring concerted effort, such as regaining health or loosing weight, getting on a budget and out of debt, getting a job you like, making a move you've been wanting, etc. What is most important to think about as the year turns is:

  • What do I really do want.
  • What would I like to accomplish at this juncture of my life.
  • What do I have to do to realize these things.

Here are some keys and things to consider as to how to best tune into and use this most auspicious celestial shift to your benefit:

Adopt the attitude that those things worth having may take time. Have a plan. Be patient. Stay on task. And don't be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and doing some extra work. This does not mean work harder, but rather work smarter and more diligently.

1. Create a system for monitoring your steady growth. Using graphs, diaries and calendars will help you to see progress and help to keep you on track and encouraged.

2. Consider seeking out the advice of those more experienced than you who have traveled the road you about to embark on. They may well be able to offer a most valuable perspective.

3. Be practical and use common sense. Avoid excess. Quality counts a lot more than quantity now.

4. If you are feeling as though you just don't have the necessary resources to accomplish any given task, look at what you have in your immediate environment to see if what you need is right in plain site. Jupiter in Capricorn is very resourceful and will often provide just what you need right when you need it. Remember: "seek and ye shall find".

5. During those times you feel as though you may not "have enough", practice being grateful for what you do have, as this will only create an opening for greater abundance in your life.

There are other astrological events currently taking place that will further support the shift towards this being a most fruitful and productive year, though this will require some focused work on your part. You can read more at my article "Living on Purpose in 2008" as to what each sign can expect.

"You have in your composition a mighty genius for expression which has escaped discipline."
--HG Wells

December 19 Saturn stations retrograde at 6:11 am PST (8°34' Virgo) until 5/2/08. Saturn stationing now is clearly an indication that we must all be patient and practice diligence. Rushing and making impulsive decisions or actions is not the order of the day, though neither is procrastination! It is time to reconsider the big picture for the next phase of your life, and then adjusting your plans and focus accordingly. It is very likely that in this process, you will find that eliminating those things that are taking too much of your time and effort are an important piece to being able to create what you really want.

Especially while this station is it's strongest (until early in '08), but also anytime during the retrograde period, it would be revealing and helpful to:

Look at what distracts you? (Such as too much time spent watching TV or browsing the internet.)

Another place to give some honest consideration is your daily regimes and health practices. Are there places you could be using more common sense such as creating a schedule that would be gentler on your body, mind and spirit? Is it time (past time?) to give up some habit or pattern that really isn't supporting your overall well-being? Saturn is the planet of discipline and can provide just the boost needed to get going in the right direction.

Be somewhat conservative and mindful of where you are spending your time and money. Some of the Holiday stress now can be avoided by staying aware of this simple thing.

Some simple hints as to how to best use these energies are to:

  • Get organized, if only in simple ways such as making lists or clearing off your desk.
  • Eliminate those "extra" tasks that send you into overwhelm.
  • Apply simplicity whenever possible.
  • Delegate as is possible and necessary.
  • Consider the above quote by HG Wells…perhaps your genius is requiring some discipline in order to appear in your life.

December 20 Mercury enters Capricorn at 6:43 am PST until 1/7/08. Mercury here will help you to apply the suggestions offered above, as it inclines us towards being more mentally grounded and practical. While this isn't the most inspirational placement for Mercury, it is a very industrious and pragmatic one. This is a good placement for being honest and realistic in your communications, with self and with others. You may find that as the New Year approaches you will be thinking about the next stage of your life. This will only facilitate the general tone and direction of celestial energies these days and in the New Year.

December 21 Sun enters Capricorn at 10:07 pm PST (Winter Solstice). This is a most sacred time of the year as the external light (in the northern hemisphere) is at its least, which is an invitation to go within, seeking your inner Light and thus connection to Source. It is good now to spend time in meditation and reflection on the previous year's spiritual growth and also on what is needed to deepen your own relationship to Spirit in the coming cycle of increased Light (through the Summer Solstice). As you do so, you will likely find the Guidance and Truth you seek.

Be sure and read Capricorn Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) which gives information for all signs as to what to expect from the influx of Capricorn energy at this time.

December 23 Full Moon at 5:16 pm PST (1°50' Cancer). It is not uncommon for this to be a most emotional full moon as feelings of nostalgia and thoughts of days gone by make their way into our psyche. And occurring so close to the Winter Solstice only increases this. But wait! There's more! Mars and Jupiter are also in the mix today (see below) adding an intensity and energy to the already strong feelings and impressions emerging now. I don't think that I ever seen this Capricorn/Cancer full moon quite this potent. All themes related to family, home, the past, generational issues, mother/father, children and traditions are accented. Navigating this time is going to require a good dose of personal mindfulness and awareness of others feelings, as many will be feeling quite vulnerable and sentimental.

Perhaps the best way to approach these sensitive energies is to "Go to Greet" them directly and even invite them into your life. Seek out and enjoy traditions, even if it is poignant; look over family albums and allow yourself to feel those feelings of sadness over those who are no longer with you; and find ways to show your caring to those you love.

Here are a couple of additional suggestions. Since this is very likely to be quite a sensitive time, avoid conflicts as they may well explode. This is not the time for confrontations! Be extra gentle and thoughtful and practice kindness. And do be careful out there! I'm afraid the likelihood of some people not using common sense and perhaps even being careless and reactive are here.

Special Note: This full moon will be influential for at least a few days before and after the actual event. That said, I fully expect the strongest impact to be Saturday, the 22nd, through Christmas Day, with Sunday the peak.

December 26 Mars (while retrograde) opposite Jupiter at 11:53 am PST (1°50' Cancer/Capricorn). As mentioned above, this opposition occurs under the influence of this month's full moon, which is also an opposition of the Sun and the Moon. Oppositions always bring us into contact with others, for better or worse. Hence, know that first this will likely be a busy time in which you will be needing to take into consideration the needs, wants and desires of those around you. The contact between Mars and Jupiter is always energizing and can be quite dynamic, so it is likely this will be a week or so of lots of activity. This, of course, is quite typical for the Holidays, but this year will be even more so. It will be very helpful seek out ways to express the potent energies afoot physically, such as walking, yoga, exercising and dance!

One more thing, be a bit extra cautious regarding money now as this aspect can create over spending (or even over doing in some way) a real possibility.

December 30 Venus enters Sagittarius at 10:02 am PST until 1/24/08. Venus in Sagittarius will be a most welcome energy as almost everything else is in earth signs these days and this will add some levity and lightness, reminding us all to enjoy ourselves while we get to the business the New Year ushers in. Relationships can be a source of enjoyment now as Venus here reminds us not to take things so seriously. And in fact, you may find your closest associations and partnerships, whether business or personal, infused with a spirit of optimism and hope.

Another thing to think of in regards to this placement of Venus is that our relationships will likely be seeking greater levels of freedom. It is wise to remember that others need to be able to express themselves as sovereign beings, as do you. So be sure to allow those you love their own version of independence while you seek out yours, too.

December 31 Mars (while retrograde) re-enters Gemini at 8:01 am PST until 3/4/08. Mars (while retrograde) re-entering Gemini, the sign ruling communications, on NYE just spells of potential misunderstandings and miscommunications. First, be sure to check and re-check and then check again, all plans, arrangements and agreements. Travel is especially tricky now and for the next few days. So be sure to take extra care and stay grounded while on the roads. And again, double check any flight plans, luggage tags, etc. During the entire Mars in Gemini time period (until 3/4/08) watch your tone and how you speak in general. It can be only too easy to allow a hint (or more) of sarcasm and criticism into your conversations during this time. This placement of Mars is good for getting things done with regards to all writing, with a particular focus on re-writing or editing.

May God bless you in this Season of Light and in the New Year.

Elizabeth Jones

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