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AstroCurrents for December - Part One: Openness, Heightened Emotional States and Increased Light

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign. The events listed here are for the first half of December.

"Faith is the eyesight of the Soul."

December 1 Mercury enters Sagittarius until 12/20. This is a positive placement for Mercury that can help to boost your spirits and to see the cup as half full. You may be inclined to study those topics that are uplifting, giving you a new perspective. Conversations feel a bit lighter, as do our thoughts and feelings in general. A way to tune into these higher frequencies is to make sure your mind is open and that you are willing to see things in a new light. It is good to keep in mind that over-optimism can lead to over commitments of your time, energy and resources. Further, be advised not to get over-confident, which may come off as being prideful and sounding superior. Rather, focus on the upbeat messages that are coming your way and make sure to pass them along in this Season of Giving.

December 5 Venus enters Scorpio until 12/30. While Venus makes its annual passage through the sign of Scorpio, our feelings deepen, our reactions to things emotional increase in intensity and our focus turns towards fulfilling our desires. Relationships take a front seat in our minds and hearts, as Venus brings feelings that can reside deep within to the surface. And with Mars still retrograde in Cancer, also a placement that can make the emotions stronger, expect feelings in general to be stronger and with their own agenda at times. The primary thing to watch out for is to not act on or say things that are driven by intensity and the longing for the satiation of the desires that arise now, without listening to common sense and reason. A good way to avoid going overboard during this time (basically until the end of the year) is to use the lighter energies of the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, as well as the levity they can bring, also present during this time. If both of these celestial aspects are balanced, then this could make for a most wonderful and heart felt Holiday Season. Where you focus, and not being reactive, are keys to keeping this balance in tact.

December 9 New Moon in Sagittarius at 17°16' at 9:40 am PST. This New Moon is the apex of the Sagittarius influence this month. All themes related to this sign are strongest now. To get more information about how Sagittarius is impacting us all, be sure to read Sagittarius Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

New Moons are openings to new cycles and beginnings, and so it is a time of planting seeds and initiating projects. During the days surrounding this NM, be mindful of what thoughts you are putting out into your universe as they will grow in the next few weeks. Hence, those that are of an optimistic and hopeful nature will expand in the near future.

Also, it would be good to notice what conversations you find yourself engaged in now, as they may be important under this time of new beginnings. Add to that, what you read, hear or observe as any of these may provide you with messages and insights.

The two days prior to this NM are a wonderful time for deep reflection and contemplation, as the moon is in its Balsamic phase. This is the most mystical time of the monthly lunar cycle, while the "veils are thin" and the higher realms more accessible. Meditation and prayer are often deeper, as communion with our own Divine self and inner Light are available to us all. Your dreams may bring you important symbols, so be sure to notice them, and what is on your mind, as you awake each morning.

By tuning into this phase of the moon with consciousness and intention, we are able to feel the sweetness, guidance and inspiration so strong now, as we enter this Season of Light and Love.

"The first thing you have to do in relation to yourself is to meditate attentively on the spiritual entity which is your angel and is associated with your Star. This is the way to your own Soul." ~Marjriti, a mystical Sufi of the 11th century

December 11 Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28°24' Sagittarius. Much has been written and anticipated in regards to this most dynamic conjunction (meaning in the same place of the sky from the Earth's vantage, which occurs every 13 years or so). What makes this time so potent is its proximity to the Galactic Center of the Milky Way (our home galaxy), a rare event indeed.

Ok, all this said, what is the likely influence? First, it is most important to know where in your chart this event is taking place, as that will further determine the impact on you personally (something we will look at in readings done this month). Next, this really is a "cosmic" event and so at the other end of the spectrum (from the personal influence) is the more Universal one. Clearly this is a time of heightened spiritual development and advancement, if we choose to see it as such. There is more Light, if you will, available to us all, which is a key element for our evolution. Is this conjunction going to bring this to a new level? I suspect so. Sagittarius is the sign of higher truth and the knowledge that results from studying and understanding them. Further, there is the aspect of Grace that may well increase during this time.

Another element present is the depth and breadth of the influence of Pluto with Jupiter. I expect many will, and already are, feeling the ability to both understand and experience this in a most spiritual context. I mentioned this in last month's AstroCurrents, but it bears mentioning again~and that is to call on more light as a way to tune into these most precious and unusual energies. And to expand on this idea, the following quote from Sufi Zia Inayat Khan:

"O God, place light in my heart, and light in my soul, light upon my tongue, light in my eyes and light in my ears, place light at my right, light at my left, light behind me and light before me, light above me, and light beneath me. Give me light, increase my light, make me light!" ~Zia Inayat Khan

May God bless you in this Season of Light


Looking ahead to December AstroCurrents-Part 2, here are some of the events I will be discussing:

  • December 18 Jupiter enters Capricorn until 1/5/09.
  • December 19 Saturn stations retrograde at 8°34' Virgo until 5/2/08.
  • December 20 Mercury enters Capricorn until 1/7/08.
  • December 21 Sun enters Capricorn at 10:07 pm PST (Winter Solstice).
  • December 23 Full Moon at 1°50' Cancer at 5:16 pm PST.
  • December 26 Mars (while retrograde) opposite Jupiter at 1°50' Cancer/Capricorn. December 30 Venus enters Sagittarius until 1/24/08.
  • December 31 Mars (while retrograde) re-enters Gemini until 3/4/08.
  • January 2 Mars opposite Pluto at 1:29 pm PST at 29°12' Gemini/Sagittarius.

You may also want to review November's Astrology Influences, as many aspects are still affecting us all.


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