AstroCurrents for November - Part Two: Expansion, New Insights, and Communication

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign. The events listed here are for the first half of October.

"God designed us to be happy, but gave us the choice."
--Anders Rive, sculptor

November 22 the Sun enters Sagittarius. When the Sun enters Sagittarius, most of us feel the relief from the intensity of Scorpio almost immediately. Things in general lighten up, as we are able to smile or laugh a little more at those things we held so seriously only a few shorts days ago. It is the time of year to expand your mind and horizons and ask those answers that will open you to higher truths. Traveling away from your environment, even if to the next town, can be a refreshing break from routine. In fact, changing your routines a bit can do wonders now, giving you a vantage from which to view your life with new eyes.

You can read more about how this shift to Sagittarius energy (until late on December 21st when we enter the time of Capricorn) in the Sagittarius Monthly Transit Talk (MTT).

November 24 Uranus stations direct at 14°46' Pisces. This is a powerful station that will likely usher in new insights that could offer you a greater understanding of the "big picture". Uranus stations direct about once a year and it has a most distinct feel to it.

You may feel as though:

  • you are at the center of a storm, and if you move too far to the left or right, you could get thrown off center
  • you are about to experience some new experience that could change your life
  • somewhat ungrounded and off center
  • very agitated or irritable
  • very active mentally, as though you are in a "thinking overload" mode

Some ways to tune into and use this dynamic energy are as follows:

A lot of creative ideas and solutions can come in now~write them down for future reference even if you don't know how to implement them now!

Also, pay attention to new insights and messages as your connection to Higher Mind is open.

This can help you to better understand the higher Universal Principles, so studying things along this line can be very enlightening.

Also, f ind ways to help those less fortunate than you, as there is a heightened caring and concern for others that can become stronger at this time.

Hence, sending out Love and Light through meditation or prayer during this time will magnify the impact under this influence. You may also feel drawn to service or contributing your time or money to groups who bring relief and help to others.

If you have been feeling urges or impulses to make significant changes in some area of your life, now can be a time when you actually take steps towards that end.

"Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them."
--Leo Tolstroy

Overall, this is an exciting and dynamic influence. Stay open to new ideas and insights, as they can come out of no where now. KEY: watch your dreams for messages of a most important nature.

This Uranian influence will be felt for at least a few days before and several days after the actual station on 11/24. And, if it is in a sensitive place in your chart, it may be felt for longer than that. A chart reading can also help you understand how this Urian influence may effect your personally.

November 24 is the Full Moon at 1°55' Gemini at 6:30 am PST. The annual Full Moon in Gemini is an invitation to open your mind and actively seek out higher truth and knowledge. All forms of communication are most important, so notice your conversations and what you read (and watch) as they could all be vehicles for this process. There is a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction beginning now that opens the doorway for powerful ideas to present themselves to you that could ultimately change your life. To take advantage of this, be willing to truly embrace the changes that this information may be implying. Education in any form can also be an avenue for change so you may find yourself interested in enrolling in a course or workshop, buying books or cds or just wanting to ask lots of questions to gain additional info on your quest for knowledge! Stay open to anything that will broaden your horizons and shift your perspective, (even though it feels foreign or uncomfortable). Your imagination and creativity can play an important roll in this process. The next two weeks could bring you some wonderful opportunities to grown and expand. Travel now will be most interesting and even life changing. A warning is do not allow negativity a place at your table as this is a time of optimism and renewed hope (same goes for dogma or being a know-it-all or judgmental).

"You can't depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus."
--Mark Twain

Be sure and reread Part One: AstroCurrents for November as there are many influences that are still in effect.

Looking ahead to December AstroCurrents, here are some of the events I will be discussing :

  • December 1 Mercury enters Sagittarius until 12/20.
  • December 5 Venus enters Scorpio until 12/30.
  • December 9 New Moon in Sagittarius at 17°16' at 9:40 am PST.
  • December 11 Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28°24' Sagittarius.
  • December 18 Jupiter enters Capricorn until 1/5/09.
  • December 19 Saturn stations retrograde at 8°34' Virgo until 5/2/08.
  • December 20 Mercury enters Capricorn until 1/7/08.
  • December 21 Sun enters Capricorn at 10:07 pm PST (Winter Solstice).
  • December 23 Full Moon at 1°50' Cancer at 5:16 pm PST.
  • December 26 Mars (while retrograde) opposite Jupiter at 1°50' Cancer/Capricron.
  • December 30 Venus enters Sagittarius until 1/24/08. December 31 Mars (while retrograde) re-enters Gemini until 3/4/08.

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